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Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas

Propsing to your love might be difficult and sometimes you get short of ideas, so your problem will be sortes out at this corner. Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas give you the steps to move into love relationship on the special occasion of love. Valentine week is filled with the aroma of love and build roots to new and fresh love with innovative romantic marriage proposal ideas. Marriage is an institution of love where two hearts become one and share every bit of happiness and sadness with each other. Marriage proposal is a pleasant moments which remains for a lifetime, therefore it has to be the best cherishing moments for both of you.

Romantic marriage proposal ideas ingratiate your love to your significant one. Since, Valentine’s Day is the most romantic holiday of the year and concomitant with love and lovers. Devising romantic ideas for the day is must to do the activity and Valentine Carnival has wreak out some erotica and romantic marriage proposal ideas which will create an ambiance of love around and let you speak your heart apparently.tian xiao cheng

Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas

To avoid all the anomalies from your marriage proposal, prepare yourself well for the day and select the best preferred marriage proposal idea for your partner. We have indited 15 romantic marriage proposal ideas for all the lovers with varied moods and prefernces. Before selecting the bet marriage proposal idea for yourself, gauge your relationship status and linking of your partner about a marriage proposal.

Top 15 Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas


  • You could also hide the ring box in the carton of eggs. When she or he goes to make breakfast, be ready to drop to one knee.

  • You can propose your girl in a movie theater where she can be surprised with a beautiful picture of her screening on the big screen and a question “will you marry me?” below her picture.

  • Get a street busker to sing “Will you marry me?” as you walk by. Ask “Do you hear what he’s singing?” Then drop to one knee and pop the question.


  • Hire a skywriter to spell out your proposal for everyone around to see.


  • If your intended flies often, get friends and family to join you at the airport, where they’ll each hold up signs spelling out “Will you marry me?” as your sweetheart disembarks from the plane. Make sure you’re the one holding the “Me” sign!


  • Pamper your girl with a romantic vacation and pop up the question when she is enjoying the most and sharing the romantic moment with you.


  • Do preparation in a five star restaurant where you can set everything beforehand as per her choice and likings. Even you can get their advice on the best way to propose in their restaurant – perhaps the proposal is written out on a plate, or perhaps the waiter delivers the ring along with your entrees.


  • Pack a romantic picnic, and put the ring in with the dessert. After a leisurely meal, ask your sweetheart to get out the dessert.


  • For a wintery marriage proposal when there’s snow on the ground, pack the snow into letters, or take a squeeze bottle filled with red colored water, and spell out “will you marry me?” in the snow.


  • This romantic marriage proposal idea will go for committed relationship when you both are waiting for the special moment and have no doubts for each other. Slip the ring on her finger while she’s sleeping and wake her with champagne and strawberries. At first, the gesture will simply seem romantic — the real surprise comes when she notices her new piece of jewelry.


  • Ask a baker to make a cake with the proposal written in frosting. Have him display it in the storefront and suggest a little window-shopping to your girlfriend.


  • If she has a love for flowers then take her to a botanical garden or flower garden and write down your proposal with rose petals. Put your ring in the circle of ”e” from the word and me and let her be surprised with beautiful decoration done by you.


  • Find a beautiful, antique bottle with a large enough opening and preferably a cork top. Write your feelings and proposal on a beautiful paper with expressive words and float the bottle in your own swimming pool or any pool where she can easily find the beautiful bottle floating and curious to open the bottle.


  • Tell her you are going to go out and buy her cupcakes. When you get back, give her a cupcake with an engagement ring placed on top.


  • Make a top ten list of reasons why you’d want to marry her. Read them in front of a crowd at a stadium or in a theater to make her feel extra-special.

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