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How To Propose A Girl

As the popular saying that, men are from Mars and women from Venus, you must consider it and show your passion to your girl like the planet Mars and treat her as lovable as the planet Venus is.  Every girl is different from the other; your way of proposing must be different. Your love life depends on the way of your proposing and you must remember that she can love like there is no tomorrow and hate like you wish you would die.

You need to do some homework on it, you must know the likes and dislike of your girl and plan accordingly. If your girl is introvert and shy, you must propose her in lonely place where she can be herself and answer you confidently. But your girl may be extrovert and adventures who will love to get propose in a public place or in front of her friends to feel special.There are some tips to propose a girl in best possible way.


Top Five Ways to Propose a Girl

  • Be Yourself

The first rule to put in your mind before you proposes a girl. Do not overdo you’re your proposal, just keep it simple. Don’t try to do any act in which you are not comfortable and may spoil it in front of her. Be yourself and have confidence on you and your love for her. She will definitely adore you if you are true to her and will do things accordingly.

  • Choose the best time and location

You are taking your life time decision, make it more special and chose best time to propose when she is in good mood and take everything in positive way. Location matters a lot, you can take her to the place where you both met first and create the same ambience by your magical words and make her feel more special by remembering every single word she said to you when you met her first.

  • Roses are symbol of love

Rose has been the symbol of love for a long time now.  Going down on knees and proposing a girl with a red rose still is the best way to propose. Almost every girl dream to get proposes by Mr. Perfect like this. Rose is the answer of your question how to propose a girl?

  • Appreciate her

Appreciate her for what she is. Let her know that how much you love her and adore her. Do praise her for clothes, accessories and her gentle nature. Make her feel special by your romantic gestures and words.

  • Don’t force her

Never ever force your girl to say yes. You have shared or said your feelings to her. Now give her time to think and take her own decision. Make sure to yourself and her also that your past relation of friendship will not be affected by this and give her full space and time to think about it. This is life time decision and it should be taken for the sake of anything.

  • Candle light Dinner

This one is a classic and a great way to propose a girl. Candles are one of the Classic elements of a romantic evening. The dim lights of the candle flame and a romantic tune sets a perfect setting for a romantic proposal. A candle lit dinner is a romantic way to propose the one who is before anyone else (bae) and is the one you want to spend you rest of the life with.

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