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About Us:

We at True Lovez lend a helping hand to guide and facilitate people from all around the globe to cherish, treasure and stay connected with their dear and special ones. Our soul motive behind creating these contents is to assist and support our readers in creating special and memorable moments with their true love. In order to assure that our readers land with a satisfactory answer to their relation related questions, we have dedicated especially composed articles for the categories concerning Long Distance Relationship, Valentine Day, Girlfriend/Boyfriend, Love Letters, Quotes, Cards, Poems, Occasions, Gifts and Dating Advices.

Our advices are based on the general notions, experiences and suggestions that can prove useful and encouraging to any random reader. Our contents are not meant to address anyone individually or personally. It is for the common guidance to trek on smoothly on the path of relationship.

Terms & Conditions:

We are dedicated to maintain True Lovez as a leading blog offering wide-ranging advices on relationships and love. Thus it is your responsibility to peep through the terms and conditions laid down by us. We expect our readers to follow the mentioned Terms and Condition and stick to it while visiting the website. By accessing this website and following our tips and advices on love and relationships, you will be considered to have read, understood and agree to the conditions discussed here.

  • The internet being the sole source of information, our contents have been composed based on that information. We don’t intent to address anyone’s issues personally and thus are not liable for following our advices blindly.
  • Readers are welcomed to ask any question and get in touch with us to discuss any topic.
  • We assure that our user’s data and information are kept secured and are never shared with any outsider.
  • Whatever information you furnish here with us is for your own use and reference only, and for the benefit of the other members on the website.
  • All the content available on True Lovez, including of articles, pictures, videos, graphics and related other forms, exclusively belongs to the company.

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