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How To Make First Kiss Special

How to Make First Kiss Special? It is perhaps the most exciting as well as fascinating question that keeps hovering in the mind of many lovebirds throughout the land. Everyone has had their first kiss at some point of time, and it goes without saying that the very idea of kissing your mate makes you inexplicably nervous, though excited at the same time. Most people just do not know How to Make First Kiss Special and fail to realize the importance of first kiss. Well, this should give you an idea that when you kiss anyone for the first time, that person decides right then and there if he/she ever wants to kiss you again or not. This is why first kiss is often considered to be a make or break affair. If you want to have a memorable first kiss that sparks unconditional love and intense passion, learn following sizzling secrets and make it a mesmerizing affair. These secrets help you to bubble with a lot of excitement, passion and intensity. Kissing is a natural, romantic process that should be done delightedly and lovingly.


First Kiss Tips For Boys

  •  Look Confident: You’ve got this! So flaunt it. Your confidence can win her over.  Don’t droop, mumble and refuse to see eye to eye. Make yourself and her comfortable with each other. Make passionate eye contact and kick off a romantic conversation.
  • Look Kissable: Try to look as fresh and clean as possible. This makes you kissable and won’t have to work quite so hard to convince her to kiss you.
  • Respect Privacy: There can be several reasons that deter a girl from making out in front of others, especially if this is going to be her first kiss. Wait for the right time when both of you can be alone. Never underestimate the privacy.
  • Make Eye Contact: Try to read her eyes. If she looks comfortable and doesn’t look here and there, it could be a signal to go further. Look directly into her eyes when you are talking to her, and even during moments of silence.
  • End it Gently:  After winning her confident, you can go ahead for your maiden kiss. Just remain silent when you do it. Hug her passionately and make sure you end your first kiss in an intimate moment.

First Kiss Tips For Girls

  • Make Yourself Kissable: Your appearance makes you feel more confident when you go for your maiden liplock. You can use light lipstick or lip gloss. Keep your breath fresh and smell amazing.
  • See Eye to Eye: Look up at your boyfriend passionately and unhesitatingly. If he brings his arms around your waist, go for the kiss.  If he does not do so, he might not be ready yet. Just relax for the time being and wait for another time.
  • Taking the Lead: Do not forget that same like girls some boys are also very shy and coy. If your guy happens to be such, you can consider about kissing him lightly on the cheek to show him that you are comfortable with touch.
  • Invite him to Kiss: Yes, a great number of boys wait for an invitation from the other side. Hint him that you are ready for kiss. If he looks interested, ask him whether both of you kiss each other.
  • Make it a Gentle Kiss: Make sure you do it sophisticatedly. Don’t stick out the tongue. Instead, keep the process as gentle as possible.

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