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Best Tips For Romantic Kissing

Where love is the most beautiful feeling in this world, kiss is a symbol of love and a fascinating expression of your passionate emotions. Now, romantic kissing tips are quite a need if you want to make your first peck of love essentially flawless. However, it does not matter whether it’s your first time or not, a romantic kiss is a memorable moment of anyone’s life as this one gesture says a lot without uttering a single word. It would be not wrong to say that the pleasure and excitement that a geeky romantic kiss brings to an individual is truly unmatched by any other thing in this world.

The more you get intimate with your feelings with you loved one, more you wish to kiss her. Kissing is not just a love gesture only, it is a way to bind the relation and strengthen it with your feelings. Romantic kissing tips and techniques can make your best moment more exotic and sensuous experience with your valentine.

However, before following any of the romantic kissing technique, you need to realise that kiss is a natural expression, everyone does it. The thing that matters the most is the way you express your inmost passions through a mesmerising romantic kiss and melt the heart of your valentine with this seductive art of love.

 Best Tips For Romantic Kissing

So, have a look at our 10 creative and romantic kissing tips for Valentine’s Day or if you are willing to define your love desires on any passionate moment.

Here we get you some tips and techniques to help you to make your first kiss romantic and sensuous.

10 Romantic Kissing Tips


  • Make yourself Comfortable– Prepare yourself well for the kiss, getting nervous and sweating is natural but you need to control it for awesome experience. You may spoil your precious moment by getting nervous, stay calm and comfortable and make your partner comfortable with a smile on your face. Feel the pleasure and love for the kiss then only you will be able to enjoy it.
  • Smell Good- It is very much necessary to smell good.  Brush your teeth before going for date and always have a mint or some freshener with you if you are supposed to have a dinner before that.  Fresh breathing and good fragrance from your body is a necessity for a nice romantic kiss.
  • Set the right ambiance- You want to make your romantic kiss a memorable one. Don’t just dream about it, you have to create a right seductive environment to set the mood. Talk something geeky or show hints that you ready to escape into one. You can also compliment your valentine on her physical attributes that will make her weak in her knees.
  • Moist Lips – It is good to moist your lips before kissing as dry lips may cause friction and make it unpleasant for you. Don’t put much lipstick but lip balm or gloss will do. Little moisture is necessary but don’t overdo it.  Moisture will help you to move your lips comfortably.
  • Positioning – Position yourself in close with your partner and slightly tilt your head towards the opposite position of your partner. It is an important point to remember and adjust yourself with your partner.
  • Close Eyes – Feel the pleasure of your first kiss in close eyes. Kiss is something to feel in your heart by your lips not by your eyes.
  • Kissing – Open your mouth a little and put your lips on your partner’s lips and breathe with your nose. Do not press much but a little to your partner’s lips and move from up to down.
  • Manage your saliva- If you are experiencing a romantic kiss, you are bound to play doubtful with your saliva. So, it is very important for you to manage your saliva and never let yourself called as a slobbery puppy. It’s good to have wet lips, but swallow excess of saliva if you do not wish to make your love moment a shabby one.
  • Take occasional breaks- Intensity is heart of any romantic kiss and your technique to raise its bar would be to take frequent breaks in-between. This will definitely make you both feel wanted by each other and moment may even get wilder if you are charged up well. So, take occasional breaks to feel your partner and heighten the pleasure of your passionate moment.
  • After Kissing–  Just put a little hold after a kiss and look  at your partner if he/ she also the close position then stay they for a while and let you both realize that you have done your first kiss and had great time.

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