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Types of Romantic Kisses

Kiss is the most beautiful expression to convey the message of your love. And therefore, Romantic Kissing Types are the pleasant gestures to reveal your passionate emotions in innovative ways. You just cannot deny that a romantic French kiss work wonders to spice-up your love life, as done perfectly on the right time can arouse your deepest of carnal desires. Being a heart-touching impression of your love and feelings, romantic kisses needs no explanation. So, it becomes quite obvious for you to feel curious in learning types of kisses, how to kiss and express your heart-warming love in innovative kissing styles. Well, this is not because you want to show-off anything; it’s just that you would love to make your expression or you could say romantic kiss more sparky and memorable.

So, it does not matter whether you want to engage in a passionate or a tender one. The fact that you want to express your love in the most sensuous manner rules above all. Therefore, if you want more ideas on 20 different types of kisses, we get you some of the most innovative and memorable ways of expressing your love and desire through your endearing lips.

Romantic Kissing Types

There are 20 different types of kisses and every kind depicts a different meaning. Learn the different types of kisses and convey the message of your love through the most pleasant gesture of romance. French kiss to butterfly kiss and from nose kiss to toe kiss, every kiss has a special message to it and demands a different occasion and ambience for it. Valentine Carnival has mentioned different romantic kissing types to enlighten your love relationship.

Know About Various Romantic Kisses


  • Angel Kiss- Be the angel to your love and kiss her eyes, cheeks and then lips so gently and let her feel the sensuous pleasure in your touch.
  • Surprise Kiss- Give her a surprise with a passionate kiss which start with gentle kissing on lips then sucking the tongue and leaving an imprint on your partner’s lip with your love surprise kiss.
  • Wake up Kiss- just a simple and gentle kiss on the cheeks of your partner to wake him/her up from the dreams in reality with your love.
  • Massaging Kisses- Let him/her feel like the queen or a king by giving him/her massage and incorporating it with a kissing while sitting on his lower back and giving massage at his shoulders.
  • Mimic Kiss- Mimic kiss is nothing but repeating the same steps of kissing exactly like you partner and let him feel the same enjoyment.
  • Sweety Kiss- Like the name, the kiss is very sweet and adorable by putting a sweet fruit in between your lips and kissing him passionately.
  • Tempting Kiss– This kiss starts with the eyes, seduce him/her with the passion in your eyes and leave no space between you two before kissing and while kissing.
  • Whispering Kiss- Simply slides your lips from him/her to the neck and then towards the ears and whisper the romantic erotic words in eras with sucking and licking in the ears.
  • Butterfly Kiss – A kiss by eyelids, simply open and close your eyelids against your partner with a breath away distance between you two and feel the sensation in your body.
  • Cheek Kiss – Rub your lips on your partner’s cheek and put your hands on her shoulder and be it a friendly kiss for your starting days.
  •  Eskimo Kiss – With your faces less than a breath apart, gently rub your noses together.
  • Eye Kiss – Hold your partner close with her head in your hands and move it slowly to put a kiss and then slowly kiss slowly on her eyes and a tender blow on them.
  • Freeze Kiss (or Melt Kiss) – Freeze your and her lips with the ice moving from your both to her with the help of tongue twisting like in French kissing.
  • Hot and Cold Kiss – Make your partner’s lips warm by licking and then gently blow them. You both will definitely enjoy the cold blast as a carnal explosion.
  • Sip Kiss – Take a sip of a drink and hold it in your mouth and kiss your partner and let him enjoy the carnal feeling.
  • Talking Kiss – Don’t kiss her simply put some words inside her mouth by yours.
  • Teaser Kiss – Teaser kiss works like its name which starts from forehead then a small kiss on lips, then move your arms to her hand and kiss her hands, back to her arms then to her face with a light kiss till she ask for a passionate kiss.
  • French kiss – A popular erotic kiss with the tongue. Move each other tongue in each other’s mouth and enjoy the feeling of being one. How to do French kiss is always an art which can be learned only by true lovers.
  • Tiger Kiss – Caught her from behind and let her surprise and puzzled with your gesture and bite her neck and make sure to get good growls also to seduce her completely.
  • Vacuum Kiss – A fun kiss with your partner by sucking air from her mouth while kissing open mouthed.

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