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Does He Want To Kiss You

Dating a new guy and guessing about his passionate intentions is all together a different story. It’s hard to read guys and their urge to lock lips, but does he wants to kiss you is the thought that will linger in your mind if you are eager to feel that romantic peck. Being a girl you want to know about him and confirm about his intentions and feelings before you move on. However, guys are too smart to reveal their desires so soon and will keep you guessing about all what they really feel. If you are dating an extrovert, you don’t have to put in efforts to experience that irresistible lip-lock. But if you are waiting since long, it’s high time you understand that even guys are shy and subtle in revealing their romantic gestures.

Now, this surely doesn’t mean that you would never be able to gauge that does he wants to kiss you or not. It’s just that you have to think more smartly and look in for the signs that best express his desire to kiss you. Before everything else you need to know your man, his intentions and most importantly his gestures to get closer.

Does He Want To Kiss You

So, after spending beautiful time together or experiencing few amazing dates, if you are wondering that does he want to kiss you, then have a look at our 8 signs of your man’s desire to kiss you with love. Does he want to kiss you? Confirm it with our 8 signs that best reveals his romantic plans. 

He Wants To Kiss You Sign

  • Getting silent– If he is thinking to kiss you then he will be silent for some time and prepare for the ways to kiss you passionately. When he starts takings breaks in conversation and giving you smiles then understand he is making an ambience of love and romance. Give him a smile in return to set the fire between you two and let him take the next move.
  • He’s Fidgeting- Is he playing with his watch and fidgeting with his drinks. Is he looking nervous and tense about everything around? If he is quite or not looking into your eyes then surely you are all over his mind and he is preparing himself to get close to you.
  • Taking mouth freshener– He is licking his lips and having fresh mints, does he wants to kiss you? Well that says it all, he is getting irresistibly kissable and you too can’t stop drooling over. He is trying to get close to you and wants to be fresh and attractive for a kiss with a good smell. Assume all these signs as positive and get yourself clued-up for the kiss as well.
  • He’s Getting Touchy-Feely– If he is getting close to you and giving you feel, means he can’t wait to relish your touch. For now his hands are on your shoulder, but his romantic lip-lock is not far behind. So if he holding your hands firmly, rubbing knees or finding unpredictable ways of sensing your body, believe that he is eagerly waiting for that juicy kiss moment.
  • He looks for your lips-He is watching your lips don’t feel annoyed and feel mesmerized as he gets erotic by your pout lips. As long as he looking at your lips, he is getting keen to kiss you. He compliments your lips and show interest in it is a sign of kissing interest in him.
  • Minimizing the gap– He can’t kiss you from a five feet distance and will get close to you inch by inch. His body language will get change and will see to your body language as well. Just give him support and show gestures to comfort him and encourage him for the kiss.
  • Compliment your perfume– When he compliments your perfume, realise that he is connecting to you on a deeper and passionate note. It’s not the perfume; it is your fragrance that is making him express his desires of getting close to you. He will get close to you and gives you comfort level by flattering you.
  • Sparkling eyes– He will not say it with words, but you can see that urge in his eyes, as they say that eyes reflects your soul and heart desire. The moment you two are intimately close, just have a look at his eyes. His desire of kissing you memorably will be visible in his sparkling eyes. Don’t wait further, just go with flow and relish your unstoppable lip-lock.

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