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Public Marriage Proposal Ideas

Want to make your proposal the most memorable and exciting one, then public marriage proposal ideas will let you tell the world how much love and passion you feel for your partner. After falling in love the moment you realize that this is the one with whom you want to spend rest of your life, no matter in tears or happiness, then think that you have truly found your match. Once you hear that wedding bell, stringing your heart now and then, wouldn’t you love to make your proposal an affair to be remembered by both of you till you breathe your last? If yes, then creative ideas to propose your marriage in public are the best way to share your bliss with people around you. Be it a private or public marriage proposal, your aim is to pop up the question in most mesmerizing manner. You need to look and plan something that is really creative, enthralling and the one which will not even let your partner think twice for nodding the perfect ‘yes’.

Public Marriage Proposal Ideas

We all know that more than excitement, public marriage proposal ideas come with jittery thoughts and we do land up thinking about reaction of our partner, gazing and popping eyes of crowd and what not. But you need to understand that your beloved loves you and crowd is surely not from the other planet. Trust yourself, believe in your love and be happy as you are about to do make that most awaited proposal. And if you really wish to amuse your love, in the most magnificent way, then go through our 10 Best Public Marriage Proposal Ideas. Have a look as these would end up all your dilemmas to make a wedding proposal in public.

Creative Public Marriage Proposal Ideas


  • Diamond Ring on the Top of Her Favorite Meal- If you want to make a great public marriage proposal but feeling nervous, then book a cafe with your planned staff and crowd. Don’t let your partner realize your trick and at the same time make her feel that something fishy is going around. As the waiter gets his/her favorite meal with a diamond ring, just bow down on your knees, propose and let the moment be more special with the crowd’s clapping and oodles of congratulations.
  • A Short Tale of Your Love in Movie Theatre- You have been going for movies for quite a long time, but this time make this experience the most memorable one. Put your proposal ad in the projector before or in-between of your movie. Next is to see the amazed mob, while your partner is busy adoring you and accepting your proposal.
  • Proposal From A Police Car- If you have a friend who is a Police officer, then just ask him/her to stop your beloved’s car for over speeding. After a moment, step out of the Police car and pop your proposal with flowers and chocolates or as you like the period to be.
  • Make a Magic World Around Her- Plot a magic show at any of your friend’s birthday party and do that perfect planning with the magician. Instead of pulling a bird out of the hat, ask the magician to showcase a lovely ring and recite your proposal. You can thereafter take on the show and let the magic of your love spell on your valentine.
  • Castle Full of Love- Ask a professional castle builder to make a beautiful castle at not so crowded beach area. Tell him to leave your proposal note inside it, just after some time walk into that place with your partner and ask him/her to find it. Plan in advance and make sure that the private jet shower roses on you two, the moment your beloved reads it.
  • Proposal at Her Favorite Concert- If your partner is fond of any particular singer, then proposing him/her in that concert is one of the best public marriage proposal ideas. Take your tickets well in advance and request the singer to convey your proposal marriage in between his performance. Trust us; your beloved will never forget this lovable art of proposing marriage.
  • Firework Proposal– It can be the day when you first met, Christmas party, any social gathering, friends party at roof top or Valentine’s Day, plan out an amazing firework displaying your proposal. Make sure everyone is around and see your partner thrilled with that disarming charm of yours.
  • Say Loud What You Have in Your Heart- You love your partner and you have own good reasons to propose a thing as important as marriage. Don’t keep these in your heart. Let the world and most significantly your partner know all what you like in her/him. Stadium or theatre, decide your venue and surprise your partner by reading out 5 best reasons to marry him/her. See her eyes lit with joy as the crowd appreciate and celebrate your love.
  • New Year Proposal- New Year is a great time for celebration. Just plan a special gift and flowers for your partner. Well, this time things will be different as you would not be just wishing a New Year, but making your proposal. Look out for the opportunity when everyone is around and pop up the question. This will surely fascinate your partner as he/she could have never expected such a mesmerizing New Year.
  • Proposal From Cute Kids – Ask few kids in your neighbourhood to get the ‘Will you marry me?’ banner one by one. Pose as if you are taking her for a normal evening stroll, but the moment you two sit on the bench, let each kid come and express your proposal in that endearing way. The cute and innocent smiles of each kid will remind your proposal for ever.

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Creative Marriage Proposal Ideas

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