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Marriage Proposal Ideas

Is wedding on your mind? If yes, then Marriage proposal ideas are very useful to make your proposal a memorable and special event for lifetime. Your partner will be telling proposal stories to friends and families later on. It is important to plan marriage proposal ideas as per your and her/him preferences and style of living. There are many marriage proposal ideas but you can make them more interesting by clubbing them with your personalized thoughts.  If your partner is not much extrovert and party lover then you should not involve anyone else in your proposal but if he/she is opposite to that, then choose a place like big restaurants and crowded areas. Creative marriage proposal ideas let you express your love and proposal in an innovative style. And if you turn the ordinary proposing act into an extraordinary one, he/she will definitely get impressed nod that dotting ‘yes’.

The deep feelings for your proposals must be conveyed to your partner in a way to make him/her feel special and loved by you. You must have seen lot of proposal ideas till date, but thoughts listed below are the most awesome marriage proposal ideas for both men and women.

Marriage Proposal Ideas

Find the best marriage proposal ideas and begin your married life with excitement and enthusiasm for love.

Top 20 Marriage Proposal Ideas


  1. The newspaper which your partner reads daily is best source to surprise him/her with a full page ad of proposal.
  2. Christmas is the best occasion for happy moments. Grab your chance to propose your love. During Christmas party ask one of your friends to dress up like Santa Claus and let him gift your partner a note with your loving marriage proposal.
  3. The most romantic and exciting marriage proposal idea is to propose your partner at the wedding kiss of your dearest friends. Trust us, he/she will mesmerize the moment forever.
  4. On a New Year party ask few of your friends to engrave ‘will you marry me’ at the back of their T-shirts. Step in with your partner and let him/her cherish this moment for the rest of him/her life.
  5. One of the most romantic marriage proposal ideas is to slip the ring in her fingers when she is deeply asleep. Wake her up with her favorite chocolates and express your desire to her.
  6. Gift her cute parrot that says ‘will you marry me’. The gesture will be funny and memorable. See her blush every time the parrot talks to you both of you, even after years of your marriage.
  7. Hiring a skywriter to express your love to all those around you and of course your beloved is one of the best marriage proposal ideas.
  8. Use living creatures like fish and ask the aquarium diver to put a proposal show inside in the biggest fish tank and hold a handwritten sign that says, ”Will you marry me?” against the glass.
  9. Plan a treasure hunt for your girlfriend which starts from your house and ends up at her favorite spot and the prize must be you on knee asking her for marriage with a beautiful ring in hand.
  10. At the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. This would be a good time to get on bended knee.
  11. Give him/her a big Christmas gift in which wrap the ring in increasingly smaller boxes to be opened in night.
  12. An awesome marriage proposal idea is to put your engagement ring inside a walnut and wait until your future brides get hungry and open it.
  13.  In Central Park, New York, on a bridge overlooking the Ice Rink after your carriage ride through the city.
  14. Hide the engagement ring hooked to her cellphone in your girlfriend’s purse and call her again and again to notice the ring and be surprise in front of you.
  15. Make an interesting and creative video of you two in which you can show all your relationship’s pic for the past time you have spent together. Upload it on the YouTube and at the end ask him/her for marriage and continue to live life with you but as husband/wife now.
  16. Designing a web page that declares your love and intentions is a creative marriage proposal idea for men.  Leave your sweetie a clue with the web address written on it — don’t say a word. After the proposal has been officially accepted (which, of course, it will be!), she can proudly send the page to friends and family.
  17. Clean up the house and pen down your proposal on different pieces of paper. Now hide these at different places and let the final one be wrapped in a ring. And if you are holding the final piece, nothing can get better.
  18. Another funny marriage proposal idea would be to hide the ring under the water in the treasure chest off the coast, whenever you both plan to go for scuba diving.
  19. Proposing your beloved in a hot air balloon at any scenic location is the most exciting marriage proposal idea.
  20. Fight with her intentionally for quite some time and when she gets completely miffed play her favorite romantic song. Before she says a word, present her with that beautiful engagement ring.

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Creative Marriage Proposal Ideas

Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas

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