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Creative Marriage Proposal Ideas

The most significant decision of your life is to propose your love for marriage. A proposal which can really win the heart of your sweetheart and make her all yours can be found in the list of creative marriage proposal ideas. Marriage proposal consumes a special space in couple’s life and is something to remember for whole life but some creative marriage proposal are unique and remembered not only by the couple but by all who have witnessed it. Women are insatiable for their wedding ring and marriage proposal. This is something she had been waiting for since her adulthood and no haphazardness will be accepted. Marriage proposals are prophesied so easily like a diamond ring, corsage of red roses or romantic evening at romantic restaurant signifies only one thing but here creative marriage proposals ideas will not only catch her off guard, but have her gawking at your creativity.

A sporadic activity like cooking, musical play or anything which you haven’t done before and doing it now to get a ”Yes” from your sweetheart is something remarkably important in her life. A creative marriage proposal must have that enticing feature in it that can fill her all the dreams about the proposal and leave her with no option than wearing your ring.

Creative Marriage Proposal Ideas


The following creative marriage proposals ideas can be best used when you are in love relationship and you can juggle them as per your partner’s preference and likings.

Top 5 Creative Marriage Proposals Ideas

  • Art – Your artistic talent can help you a lot in proposing your sweetheart and win her heart. You can paint a picture of you two with a picturesque beauty behind where you are on your knees to propose your girl with a beautiful ring. Show your creativity in the specific moment of holding hand and presenting a beautiful ring to your girl, make it abstract to highlight the sentiment. Don’t make it abstract enough that she doesn’t understand it, though, or that moment of explanation might be a tad awkward and confusing!
  • Vacation proposals – This creative marriage proposal idea is for them who are in relationship for a long time and have discussed marriage as next step. Take your girl to her favorite destination where she always wanted to go or have been there with you and remember as the most special place. Make this trip as a surprise and let her be confuse with all your affluence of happiness and at the end, after reaching the place make her realize that she has been and will be the biggest reason of your happiness in whole life. Propose her with all the sentiments with perfect location of her choice.
  • Tape it Inside a Guitar – Musically talented people have plethora of creative marriage proposals ideas with them. Show her your love with a lovely serenade by your guitar and amaze her by suddenly acting confuse and claim that sound seems off. Hunt inside it for a little while, pretending to fix it, and then reach inside triumphantly and pull out the ring that you’ve hidden! Music will create the perfect ambiance of love and romance around and then your ring will say everything for you.
  • In a Fake Marriage Announcement – A fake marriage announcement of you two can really surprise her and put her in elation about the situation and you can make out a very sweet and creative marriage proposal out of it. Send her your fake marriage announcement and look at her reactions from a distance, the moment she smile confront her with ring and say all the beautiful things you have in your mind. Another great variation is to actually take out an ad in the paper professing your love and proposal. Creative marriage proposals ideas don’t get much better than that!
  • Proposals With Pet – If our partner is a pet lover and she have that motherly feeling in her then there is no better option of proposing her with a sweet little puppy. Tie the ring onto Fluffy’s collar and wait for your partner to notice it. This is unique and very creative marriage proposal idea which will be cherished by both of you whole life, involvement of that sweet little life will make it more pleasant for you and your partner.

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