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Propose Day

While Valentine’s Day is the most romantic affair, Propose Day-8 February, holds special significance amongst lovers. During the valentine fiesta, propose day is the time where you convey your feelings to that special one.

Though there are ample ways of expressing your emotions, be it propose day SMS, propose day greeting cards or propose day gifts, but besides everything you need to master up your art of expression.

Propose Day


If you are already in a relationship, then revive the magic of love by taking some extra steps to make this day memorable.


Well, bending on your knees may sound a bit clichéd, but if you really want to melt her heart, then nothing can beat this act of love expression on the propose day. Just remember one thing that if you really love someone, then it shows up in your eyes and if you just exhibit it through words on propose day it will charm him/her completely.


So here are some tips on Tips to Propose a Girl, especially for Propose Day.

How to Propose a Girl

  • Be thorough with the plan! Get to know her passions, dislikes, and hobbies for better understanding and long-lasting companionship. If she is shy and an introvert, propose when you two are alone.
  • The ancient way of proposing is by going down on knees with a ring in your hand.
  • Words matter a lot to females if said truly or else they can quickly decide the leading of shine you have included and will be unchanged. If you can create well, create a composition for her and history it in a CD. Perform it on Propose Day while you are together and make her heart touch with your emotions.
  • All females really like blossoms. So get an enormous arrangement of blossoms and tell her how much you love her and how much she means to you. Tell her you would like to invest the leisure of your life with her or alone. Be prepared to be covered by a truly satisfied ladies hug!
  • Gestures have an excellent part on Propose Day as they take a fast observe of it. Display your soothing, safety and psychological dependency characteristics while you are around her and mean it too. Girls tumble for folks with these attributes and there will be no floor for denial when you will suggest her.
  • Appreciate her for what she is. Tell her “you look beautiful” when she does not have any make up on. Tell her she looks awesome when she is having a bad day and mean it. She will really like you for it and will quickly acknowledge when you suggest. Just don’t exaggerate it, as it will look bogus.
  • Girls really like to be unique so when you suggest, make sure you are chivalrous enough to create her experience unique and as well not look prone. Women want a powerful man, not a wimp.
  • Don’t put extra pressure on her to say yes. Tell her to take her own time as you will wait for her. Be a man and regard her. In case she doesn’t want a relationship; she will let you know of it then and there.

Now especially for Propose Day, some tips on:

How to Propose a Boy


  • Choose the best, Propose Day, Valentine Day, or New Year’s Eve or any other right occasion.
  • Choose his preferred place
  • Go down your legs and tell him you cannot think about your life without him.
  • Record your thoughts in videos clip or a sound CD and present it to him.
  • An exciting movie treat can never go haywire.
  • Go down the seaside and romantically pour your heart- “will you get married to me?” or ‘will you be mine?’
  • Prepare a food and engrave your thoughts with cream
  • These alternatives will absolutely make the preferred ingredients for you to mean the three wonderful words. Look immediately into his face let out your thoughts. Tell him “I Love You” and why you do so.

This period will enhance the beginning of a blissful journey. They too need somebody who adores them dearly. I wish all of you get fantasy boy after discovering how to suggest a guy. Keep in mind; thoughts are better out than in. You can accompany your thoughts with propose day SMS, propose day messages, propose day cards or propose day gifts to make propose day special for your loved one to cherish it for long.


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