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Tips To Propose A Girl

If you are in love and find it hard to reveal your feelings, then tips to propose a girl is what you need to master in the art of love expression. Tips to propose a girl is as important as your love itself. No matter if you have gone out with her for movies, lunch, and coffee or conveyed quite a number of flirting messages. But proposing a girl means that you are heading towards that imperative stage of your relationship. Women are the most beautiful creation of God and their way of love is heavenly for any man who receives it. Girls have distinct warmth in their affection and that makes them really special. Though you must be really excited and happy to find the girl of your dreams, it’s also very natural for you to feel nervous. Proposing a girl is not a rocket science, it’s just an art. If you are good at it, you don’t have to toil for it, but if you are unaware of this fact, then boys you need to put in those extra efforts to make your proposal work. Understand that there are lot of things you need to care about while proposing your love; be it an effective procedure, time probability or your style quotient. This is where tips to propose a girl for love guide you to the heart of your dream valentine.

Tips To Propose A Girl

If you don’t want to fail in your proposing stance or want that exciting relationship with her, then go through our top 7 tips to propose a girl. Follow these tips to propose a girl for love religiously as if you are successful, she would not think much in nodding that dotting ‘Yes’.

Best 7 Tips To Propose A Girl


  • Know your girl- One of the most important tips to propose a girl is to know her well and then decide on ways to offer your love. Try to find out her likes and dislikes, is she romantic or prefers to be more casual. Trust us; this homework is essential to make your proposal a success.
  • Select a good day- Don’t just rush to propose her on any day. She is the most special person in your life and you should make your day of expression a more distinctive one. Don’t choose a day when or around she’ll be busy with her family, friends or work. During one of your conversations figure out when she can be free and select a day when she can understand or think whole heartedly on your proposal.  A valentine’s day or propose day can also be a good choice, in case you don’t wish to surprise her.
  • Dress smartly- Believe it or not, but your dressing sense mirrors your personality. So, when you are heading towards your special day make sure you look tidy and dressed up in trendy clothes. Remember girls just run away from guys who walk in with that unkempt look, especially on the day of proposal.
  • Take her to a favourite spot– Yes, we know that you are the one who is expressing love, but keep in mind that she is the boss for the day, you need to impress her. So one of the best tips to propose a girl is to offer your love to her at the place she likes to hang out the most. You can book a table at her favourite eating joint or ensure that you take her to an adorable beach side, you think is ideal for the moment.
  • Be confident- No matter how nervous you feel, it’s very important to be confident from the very beginning of your big proposing date. Have a cheerful attitude and be confident in your every talk. Don’t let her feel that you are doing something different from your normal date. You are not doing a sin, you are about to express your love, talk to her normally and don’t try to fake out something.
  • Gift and flowers- Flowers are loved by every girl and a special gift will make her feel warmer. Get a pretty bouquet and team it up with a ring, bracelet or anything that she will remember forever. Flowers and gifts are synonymous with every great occasion and complete you big day with these lovely greetings.
  • Be romantic- No matter how different every girl is but more or less they love their guys to be romantic. Even if you are not intensely romantic, show your soft side to her. Romance is the main ingredient of love. So when you are just about to make that proposal, narrate a small romantic poem or few lines about her. Express yourself best and then make out that enthralling love proposal to your dream valentine.

Remember that no matter how different they are from one another, girls are more sensitive than guys, making the proposal part a bit tricky, rather than impossible. So, with these tips to propose a girl of your dreams you can surely make her realise that you are the one, whom she was waiting for.

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