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How To Celebrate Women’s Day

The first Women’s Day was celebrated in 1909 in the US. But since 1975, the Women’s day is celebrated on 8th March every year after United Nations passed a resolution in this regard. Since then Women’s Day celebrations are part and parcel of the celebration list of every woman. It is widely celebrated by countries all over the world. Many countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Afghanistan, China have declared women’s day as a public holiday.

On this day it is customary in every society to give women a gift. The men are expected to celebrate this day with the women, who made a difference in their lives; who were by their side in their good and bad times. In Italy, men give yellow mimosas and chocolates to women to celebrate women day. In countries like Pakistan and Poland women’s day celebrations are marked by large processions and demonstrations by various women’s groups and feminists.

However there is a certain class of people who do not feel the need of a particular day to honor women. But there is a need to celebrate the socio-economic and political contributions of women to the world. Any civilization would not have existed without woman. Also, they should be honored to stand up against all the historical wrongs and oppression for centuries and bravely carving out space for themselves in the world. Women have always stood up for their families and nations in troubled times and have contributed to world peace.

How To Celebrate Women's Day

So this women’s day, celebrate the support, love, care and courage of the women. Pamper the woman who was there when you needed her to look after your family, who was there to listen to you when you were sad, who was there to advice you about your love life. Show your lady luck how much she means to you with our women’s day celebration ideas.

Women’s Day Celebration Ideas


  • This women’s day splurge your beloved lady with gifts. Give her things which she likes, such as chocolates, dresses, watches etc.
  • Book a table in her favorite restaurant and take her for a romantic dinner.
  • Take her for a vacation to a place which she often talks about or want to go. Prefer an exotic destination like Hawaii or Switzerland or a cruise vacation. Choose wild safari or adventure trip only if your love mate has a special interest in all that.
  • You can also gift her coupon for a spa or a beauty treatment she is planning to get done in near future.
  • If your coffers are full you can give her your credit card for a day to knock herself up.
  • As is always said, time is the best thing to give to someone. This Women’s Day spend some quality time with your better half and talk about things which you generally do not talk about. Let her pour her heart out to you.
  • Promise her that you will always be by her side no matter what comes and will always support her in her endeavors and tell her how much you love and respect her.
  • If you are not a total disaster you can cook for her a special meal, prepare her favorite dishes and present them in an attractive way. As the Chinese proverb goes- the food is first eaten by eyes then nose and finally through mouth. You can talk over dinner and then spend rest of the night playing some game which you both like or watching your favorite TV show or a romantic movie.
  • If she has a particular hobby then you can gift her things pertaining to that. For instance, give her a collection of her favorite books or CDs or make-up kit and so on.

Make your lady happy this Women’s Day and make her feel as special as she is and deserves it.




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