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Signs You Should Marry Your Girlfriend

Are you one among the flock who would preferably end up having thoughts whether she has the Qualities of a Good Girlfriend or not? If so then there is nothing to worry as marriage is a very vital decision of your life, which changes your existence entirely. It takes a great deal to decide on whether you should espouse her or not? Whether she suits you? Is she the one with whom you could live ‘happily ever after’? These are a few questions which linger into every guy’s mind before he is sure about her being the one.

There are signs which you should keep in mind before taking the vows with her, to live a happy and loving life. Having a successful marriage with her will always depend on what qualities she acquires as a girlfriend. There can never be any fool proof plan to judge a relationship or a person, but these 8 Signs of Good Girlfriend can help you reach at a respectable result.

Signs You Should Marry Your Girlfriend

8 Signs It’s Time You Should Marry Your Girlfriend

  • Her Quirks Draw Your Attention

Biting her lips while thinking about something, laughs loudly, scrunch up her nose when upset, sings all the time, and many more turns you on. Your girl might have her ways of doing something or any irregularity which you love about her. This simply means that you can have her in your life and love her with all the quirks she have.

  • Her Family is No Different than Yours

When she’s around your family she mingles well, she loves the stories your grandfather tell, your mother enjoys her company, she cares about your sibling’s and many more reasons that she could be the one. Relationship Tips suggests that while marrying, both of yours families have to be involved as they are very essential part of your life and this decision matters to them very much. If both of you are comfortable with each other’s families then take it as a positive sign and think about marrying her.

  • She Knows Every Bit of You

You have been together for a long time now and you feel that she is a best friend to you and knows you from head to toe then don’t let her go. If you are comfortable enough to share all the secrets with her don’t wait for long, go and enjoy rest of your life with her. There is a Relationship Advice for you that if you find a best friend in your lover then never let her go, she will always stand as a pillar of strength for and will know what you want at what time.

  • You Like It When She Is With You

Her presence lights up your mood, you love it when she’s accompanying you and her company is never mind-numbing then she will keep you happy for rest of her life. If you are alone or with other friends and you realise that you are missing her or what she might be doing, then you are on the right track to ask her to marry you.

  • You are the “ORIGINAL You” When with Her

Every person wants to be with someone who love them just the way they are, never change them for anything. When you are around your girl and you can act as you like and be a bit childish around her then you surely don’t have to leave her. Let us offer you a small Love Advice – marrying a girl who loves and admires everything about you is better than marrying someone who doesn’t even know about you.

  • She Knows What SPACE Actually Means

If your girl provides you with the space you want and give you time for understanding her space then you are surely with the right person. Every girlfriend has the right to know about you and be a little jealous, but if she still allows you the space you need, don’t hesitate because she’s the one.

  • She’s Not Just Your GIRLFRIEND

If you feel that your girlfriend is not just a lover but you share a friendly relation then there is a lot of chance that she is the one. In a relation when two people are able to interact freely like good friends and laugh together then they can have a successful married life.

  • Priorities Always Comes After You

Every individual lives with their priorities, if she’s always there to support you, appreciate you and treats you like a priority then go nowhere she’s the one. Having a person in life for whom your precedence matters a lot then you will have your happily ever after moment, very much like fairy tales.

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