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How to Know if She is The One

They say perfect pairs are made in heaven and you just need to find the right one of your life. The only one with whom you can travel the rest of the journey.  Many people come in our world and go, few souls make it valued, but there is only ONE with whom we want to spend the rest of our life and can’t afford to lose them- actually we cannot resist being without them.  We know men are not known for being super intuitive, so here we tell you the signs on How to Know If She Is the One. Now you can easily spot your Game Changer early on, so you don’t nail it up and regret it later on.

She will make you wonder and your world will go round. You will grow crazier for her like never before and just won’t be able to get her out from your mind. But still sometimes you are not able to decide and your mind hovers around the question again and again about that one keeper of your life? Roll up your sleeves and figure out if she is the one made only for you. Is she that gift from heaven, for which you are willing to give-up your easy going bachelor life? It’s not a rocket science, so just read the signs if she’s made for you and clear your mind.

How to Know if She is The One

Signs to Know if She is The One


We all need someone to be there like no one else and to make it easier to get through the life with more of happiness. Your girl might just be the One if-

1. You Are the Better Version of Yours When She Is Around

Positivity attracts positive things. When she is around everything seems perfect. With her you forget your worries and share to her what is going through your mind. She helps you making the best of version of yours, not forcing you to be like someone else. You like and want to be the better person because of her.

2. She Doesn’t Just Chase Commitments

‘Right one’ will just enjoy the journey that she is traveling with you. Nobody knows the future. As you yourself are not aware about the final destination how could she expect that from you. If she looks forward to you to make promises for your future and questions again and again about it, it only means she thinks much about winning over to reach the destination and don’t believe in living the moment.

3. Your Friends and Family Easily Gel-up With Her

It is fine if you don’t care about what others think. But it is sometimes very sweet if your friends and family gets charmed by her whenever they meet her. When the dear ones, who know you best, are in complete backing of your relationship, they will let you know. And you will likely know that this person may be “the one.”

4. She is Your Source of Motivation

Motivation is something, a much needed element in a relationship. If she can keep herself motivated and handles her things very nicely, then you aren’t far away from the right one of your life. There comes a time when we all feel depressed and despair in the toils of day today life and we need someone to motivate us every time. But sometimes we catch ourselves with the wrong ones who are just good at pulling us down.

5. She Respects Your Need For Space

Yes she is the Game Changer if she can respect the need for space you have. She is the right one if she understands what makes you tick, refresh and happy. She is the curious one but on the other hand with her you get the wings to fly and roots to come back.

6. She Lets You Be The Hero (At Times)

Oh! She is an independent woman, do everything all by her own! But still makes you feel needed and make you feel like a hero of her life. Damn good, she is made for you and she is a keeper to hold on her-don’t let her go, they are very rare!

7. She Has Your Back

Whenever you need her she is always there to support you and guide you, but she don’t dictate you. She listens to you and you can rely on her whenever you feel out of the place or want to cry like a kid.

8. You’re not ’Mr J’ but still feel Jealous

 A pinch of jealousy isn’t a bad thing at all! Actually it is natural to feel little jealous when you love someone. She is hot and desired by other men in your social group. But you know you are her stud and she only loves you. This is an ego game, you just feel a little insecure and afraid of losing the right girl.

9. She is Funny

This sounds out of the context but yes if you are planning to spend a life with her then you must be looking for some fun-actor in her. According to experts no one would like to date someone without a touch of sense of humour – it can be a torture.

10. She Shares a Part of You

Opposite attracts, correct but at least you have to fall in the same place to feel attracted. You both must have some levels of same thinking, and she also have to have the same openness of thoughts and interest that you have.

11. She Awakens Your Real Self

You are more real when you are together, you don’t need to pretend to be like someone. You are the original version of yours. You say the creepiest of things and the most romantic things to her.  She is also comfortable and feels the same without feeling anything wrong and awkward.

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