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Get Your Ex Back After Breakup

“It’s not about how hard you fall; it’s about how you get back up.” It hurts a lot when you miss the bygones and still want to amend and burn the old flames. Even after a heart-break you indeed want to change your status quo and want him back. You can write on the walls and can do anything to get your ex back. Stop crying a river for him. Buckle-up lady because now is the time to put all the things on places. Wipe-off your tears get ready to get back what is meant to be yours. It’s never too late and never wrong when heart commands, as all is fair in love and war. Never give up for all the positives.

When losing someone you can’t live without, your heart breaks, and its pains to put all those broken pieces back.  We know matters of heart are never easy as matters of love aren’t.  It’s hard to fall in love, harder to sustain and if gone then it ask something real to get back.  Why make your nights darker. You need to be stronger, get out from the total emotional drama. Accept things and start to work on what is in your hands and you can change. Learn from us the secret to get your boyfriend back. Take a note of these tricks and play them if you really want him back.

Get Your Ex Back After Breakup

Get Him Back After a Breakup

Without making a fool of yourself you can make him want you back. Just follow these simple, easy steps on ‘How To Get You Ex-Boyfriend Back’ while keeping all the standards of your values.

  • Play Along With His Dumping Game

Making the note of the situation, your boyfriend is intimating the break-up and you were the one who got dumped. Is that the situation? And you don’t have any choice now. Then on the first place don’t let that happen to you. Be the part of his-dumping game. Sounds weird! What you need to do is from the beginning of the breaking scene tell him – if he feels ok with the break-up then you are with him’ and is the best option to make things simpler for him. By doing so Whoosh! You have smoothed the playing arena.

Tip:  This step works just when he is asking you for a break-up! By taking this way, you have already made him curious and most probably not the winning dumper.

  • DO Back Off – Know the Importance of Silence after a Break Up

Just after the break-up, the best thing you can do to bring him back, is nothing at all. Take your steps back and go disappear from his eyes as soon as possible. Till the time you are out of the box and have stopped running emotions, crying, hyperventilating things and hurling all around.

Tip: This is the most sensitive phase you are in and you can’t do anything about it. Just give yourself some stretch till the time you get back to your senses to be more wise.

  • Stop Begging And Taking The Pity

Don’t be a doormat as you have been already dumped. Stop putting yourself in pity. Whatever the reason is for your break-up, your begging and asking for pity will not work at all. It will worsen the situation and moreover will take him away from you as you are now annoying him.

Tip: The only thing that begging will do –will make you look like an insecure and weak person.

  • Don’t Crumble Up Things Just After a Bottle of Wine

You have told him that it’s okay, if he wants to leave the relationship and you respect his decision no matter what it takes from you. Now it will look so bad if you call him in the middle of night crying out your heart and begging to be taken back. Lady be practical and take hold of your emotions if you want your ex-back to love you again.

Tip: This non-contact period will give him some space and time to miss-having you around and he will surely think about you.

  • Look From Out Of The Box Picture And See What Went Wrong

Make a list of possible reasons for your break-up and if you can’t find any, analyse yourself where you lacked and what can be the possible reasons that took him away from you.  Start working on making a better version of yourself. Be the one whom he fell in love, if you find some changes in yourself.

Tip: This will help you make things better and if someday you can have word with him, you can discuss with him the things that went wrong.

  • Reach Out To Your Ex Again

Once you are done with yourself and have gained all the control over your senses just reaches out to him. Talk to him in a friendly way. Pretend to him that you have moved on, you are giving your life a fresh start and you two can be friends again.

Tip: We know that you want more than this, but for yourself and to make him feel for you, you need to make him feel comfortable with you to get back into the comfort zone again.

  • Keep The Attraction Alive

Your ex must be secretly wanting you to still love you. He will naturally wonder if you are over with him or not. Show him all the better version of yours. You know what attracts him the most work on it hard. Without clinging on him try to be the chase element again in the whole scenario.

Tip: Do let him know what he is missing out on you; you have to be very smart while now dealing with him. Develop new skills and the reason to be the attraction.

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