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Tips To Make Men Chase You

Just get some right attitude girl! Accept what you are and get back to the basics and all will be set. If you want him to chase you, first you stop chasing him and altering yourself to get him. Sleep like a princess and let him chase you; fall for you and whatever he can do to get you.  Many women ask how to make men chase you or want to know the secrets to attract men. All you need to learn is some unique attraction tricks and some basic tit-bits about what men seek and what tempts the men most about women. And your dearest men will be chasing after you forever.

Most of us fail to spot the main thing about those lucky women who have that one guy chasing her and climbing all the walls for her. These guys aren’t exceptional. However, these women are the ones who don’t appear to bother about their man much. To become someone’s dream girl, you need not to chase a man. If he wants you, he will conquer you. It’s not hard to get him chase you or to make a man chase you again. Learn some tricks on how to make men chase you, and just be at your best, he will do anything to get you.

Tips To Make Men Chase You

Steps to Make Your Man Chase You


1. Stop Chasing – Give him space

This trick can work in any course of your relationship, if you are seeing someone, or in a relationship. From very beginning to the marriage this trick will going to help you. If you want him to chase you or want to change up the relationship status quo, then first you have to stop doing it. Stop expecting him to spend all his free time with you. You may experience some halt in the beginning but it won’t take time and you will see the direction of the tide changing.

Tip: If we are telling not to chase the person it doesn’t mean that you should start avoiding him, but you need to stop running after him and start giving him some space.

2.  Be a Challenge- Be Unpredictable

Men are born hunters and love to take challenges. One of the best attractive qualities for a possible love interest a man can have is her elusiveness. Once they face the mental challenge that women offers to the degree on which a man doesn’t feel he has 100% hold of her and he will keep on chasing to get her. The day he will get that complete hold of her he will stop chasing her and will take her for granted.

Tip: Don’t be an ‘open book’. Have a life of your own not a life completely dependent on the other. Get into what interest you the most (except him) and be more interesting, that he wants to know you more and more.

3. Respect Yourself

In order to make him chase you; you need to make him respect you first. For that learn and gain respect for yourself. Love yourself and the way you are. By this he will desire you more. This is the attitude about yourself that men will accept. Learn to say ‘no’ when situation demands, expressing your own opinions displays self-respect, and he will respect you even more for that.

Tip: In conversations, sometimes not agreeing with him makes you even more attractive in his eyes. Be a lady of class and act like a prize to turn him into a believer.

4. Keep the fear away – Remember That Neediness Repels

Don’t always show him that how much you crave and need to be with him. Show him that you can manage even without him, when choice is to make between dignity and having a relationship with a man. No matter at heart how much you prioritise him but you have to keep your dignity above all other things.

Tip: Build some confidence and independence, sometimes being docile and submissive makes you the weaker and the granted one.

5. Do Some Flirting

While doing all the above, we need to tell you something very important in this course of making him chase you. Be a little flirt and don’t forget to make him feel that he is the desired one.  Flirting is a very fun way to make him chase you and there are numerous ways to do it. Keeping away your fear and insecurities just flirt with the guy and make him fall for you. Men love to flirt and love to be the chase element sometimes. (Sometimes you can make them feel good too).

Tip: You have to play with your hair, make an eye contact, tease him a little bit, and even maybe blush and grow a little bit girly to catch his eye. Tease him but make him do the rest of the work here.

6. Don’t always be available for him

This is something important and you must play safe in this. Sometimes absence brings people closer and rows the longings more and more. Don’t be available and don’t be the one to reach him first always.

Tip: Sometimes you can be the one who cancels plans about next meetings and just not available to pick up the calls.

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