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Cute Things To Do With Your Boyfriend

Be his little-loving-bunny and make things cute and funny! Every time he is the one who makes girlie-curly cute things for you. HE always plans cutest things to surprise you even before you do. For sure! You know it well- how amazing it felt. Turn the table around this time. Do the cutest thing for your boyfriend to tell him how special it felt. Make his world go round by taking the biggest boat out, with some cutest things to do with your boyfriend on Valentine. This most romantic day will be a surprisingly special day of his life, if you make and do some cute things for him on Valentine’s Day.

Make memories while offering something cute and creative. On this special day, give your guy the same special feeling by doing something romantically cute for him. After giving this prettiest token of love, you can see that cutest child in him.  For these matters-of-heart feelings, we bring some sure-fire, tried & tested ideas about some cute things to do for your boyfriend on V-day. You can also pick some cute things to say to your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day from here.

Cute Things To Do With Your Boyfriend

Cute Things To Do For Your Boyfriend on Valentine’s Day


Take him to the top of the world with our ideas about cute things to do with your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day.

  • Send a Heart Attack

Take some paper heart shaped cut outs of different colours and sizes. Write a love message on each one of it. Tell him how special he is in your life. Put all the Hearts together in a big carton box and mail it to him.

Tip: This will make your guy feel like a superhero of your life. It’s very creative yet inexpensive and a cute thing to do & say to your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day.

  • Give Him a Trophy

The cutest thing to do for him on Valentine’s Day is here. Give him a trophy of world’s best friend on this valentine day. Let them know what they mean to you and how much you love them.

Tip: This thing to do for him will make him feel like as if he is on the top of the world.

  • Whip up a Decadent Chocolate Dessert

It’s a famous saying to win the heart of a man; the way is through their stomach. There are numerous of dessert recipes to make various chocolate desserts like chocolate-covered strawberries, brownies, or an ambitious chocolate soufflé. Pick one of it and challenge your cooking skills to win the heart of your lover.

Tip: Be innovative and serve something unique and delicious to him, keeping in mind his taste. Your guy will love this idea to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

  • Make a Path of Rose Petals for Him

This valentine’s morning wake up early and decorate his room with roses and spread a way of Rosses for him. Wherever he goes, make sure his feet do not touch the ground directly just the rose petals.

Tip: Your guy will feel extra special at the very start of the day with this cutest thing to do for him on Valentine’s Day.

  • Recreate Your First Date

Even the idea itself that you think of, the very moment will make him go weak at heart.  You just need to plan and foreseen things before you implement this cute idea for Valentine’s Day.  Get to the place you people have first dated or met. After that plan all the things and events accordingly.

Tip: This cute thing to do for your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day will make him realise how much in depth you actually feel for him.

  • Bubble Bath

Invite him for the naughtiest and cuddliest bubble bath together. Jump in the bubbles and drink beer with each other. Be playful and enjoy the moments of love together. He will surely enjoy this cute thing.

Tip: If you don’t have a bath tub at your place you can get it on a rent. This will be really sweet and loving way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

  • Have a Drunken Paint Night

Plan a drinking night at your place. Ask him to come over. Get drunk to play and paint whatever you feel like. Be childlike. Try to paint each other even if you are using the skill for the first time. It will be a real fun.

Tip: This cute thing to do for your boyfriend will definitely bring both of you close to each other.

  • Play with Some Hot Chocolates

It’s valentine’s day- the time for chocolates and all the lovey-dovey things. Bring home some hot chocolates and be playful with it. Cuddle, kiss and have chocolate fun together. Like you can put it near to your lips deliberately and ask him to kiss.

Tip:  Chocolates are the sweetest love thing. That always brings sweetness in life.

  • Dress His Tees

This can be a romantic yet the cutest idea to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Wear his t-shirt and boxers when he is around. Guys find it cute when their lady wears their parts of clothing. It inspires intimate feelings in both.

Tip: This is a simple and cute thing that you can do for him but it will arouse the deepest feelings in his heart.

  • Write For Him a Poem or a Love Note

Even though you are not the most romantic writer, you can write those feelings of love for your loved one. You just need to make it personalised. The most personal and simple things always prove to be the cutest things that you do for the one you love. Write it all on a handmade card or with any sweetest gift, you are gifting to your loved one.

Tip: You can take some set of words of love from Valentine’s Day quotes and poems.


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