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Romantic Weekend Ideas

Romantic Weekend Ideas can bring sparks into your ordinary hectic life and lets you reconnect with the your beloved. Besides busy lifestyle for whole of the working days, you have list to complete some home task, or social gatherings on weekends too. Even if you have time, it is not an easy task to plan a romantic weekend for your partner and manage things well. Therefore to bring back the sizzle and fun into your love life, you need to scout for romantic weekend ideas for couples. You both are busy on all working days and if even on weekends you are not going to make it a special time for your partner, then you may soon land up in a relationship rut. Romantic weekend ideas for him/her are not about money you spend, but it’s about investing your time to prosper your love life. So our Romantic weekend ideas can help rejuvenate love and romance between partners and create an erotic ambience. Candle light dinners and moonlight walk are really nice and romantic ideas but old enough, try some new exotic romantic weekend ideas to spice up romance between you two.

Romantic Weekend

Just follow Top 10 Romantic Weekend Ideas and recreate the passion to make you both fall in love again and again and again.

Top 10 Romantic Weekend Ideas

  1. Visit the place you first met– No matter if that place is near or far, you must visit the place where you first saw each other and felt something special for each other. Walking on the same street with old nice memories and feel the same pleasure and shivering in your heart.
  2. Reach no destination– No planning, no destination to reach just fill your gas tank and move. Explore your love with new city corners. It’s a great adventure to visit new places with no plans in mind and meet everything new with your only partner in life.
  3. Beach endeavours- Secluded beach can be a great place to relive the magic of romance. So plan a weekend at any sea side and thrill the moment with erotic beach endeavours. Cuddle, play dirty and take a nice relaxing sunbathe. You can take the romantic beach walk to complete this experience.
  4. Get relaxed with spa– Remove all your pains and worries in peaceful cottage and slow music with your partner and getting spa with aroma all around. Relaxing and getting peace is amazing romantic weekend ideas with your partner.
  5. Fun with games- Your relationship has been in rut and it’s high time to get a change in it. No worries just follow our romantic weekend ideas for couples and bring a change in your relationship.  There are many romantic games for couples which you can play and get mushy with your partner without actually such doing such activities. This is something different from a stereotype to get a romantic movie and see with your partner. Play hide and seek and make your own rules to put some spark.
  6. Escape from technologies–   No television, no alarm, no computers, no radio and big no cellphones. Just spend whole weekend with your partner at your own home with nothing else to disturb both of you and get some time for each other only.
  7. Romance on roof- Stars and moon has always played the significant role in romance. Separate yourself from all the high technology and disturbances of them, play light music and spend some quality time with your partner on the roof. What can be more beautiful than gazing your love of life in moonlight with a soft music at the back.
  8. Camping- Pick any of the local natural reserve to go for a great camping experience and let the nature set your internal clocks. Discover some real fun and romance as you both indulge in amazing fireside meal.
  9. Sunset Picnic- From a childhood fun to a romantic weekend idea, sunset picnic is always a great fun. Spend some quality time with your girl and make your weekend wonderful and memorable to her also.
  10. Kids way- We all have enjoyed a great time being kids, then why not relive those magical moments again and have some fun with our beloved? Visit a theme park and let your child make you experience all the thrills together. This will bring you both close on a really adorable note.

Some Popular Romantic Weekend Ideas

  • Rent romantic movies
  • Visit a winery
  • Show your love in colours and make a sketch of one another and collect a wonderful memory.
  • Try ice skating in night it is extraordinary experience of romance.
  • Plan a competition and challenge each other for the things you are best in.
  • Do a ball dance with no music, just you two and nobody else.
  • Dinner on bed and have sweets of each other.
  • Poetry reading is always been the most romantic part of lovers.
  • Just sit in the arms of your love and share all the secrets of your life with him till the dawn.
  • Snow ball or water balloon fight with your mate is a romantic weekend idea to rejuvenate fun and excitement.
  • Get drunk and do whatever comes in mind.
  • Play a romantic game or activity
  • Look upon your captured moments and kindling memories
  • Build a campfire
  • Visit a cozy restaurant
  • Shop for romantic items
  • Have a few bottles of good wine on hand or the ingredients for some fancy mixed drinks
  • Cook simple meals together
  • Light your candles – for safety, use flameless candles
  • Dress in your best and create an erotic moment
  • Play music from when you first met or love songs you can dance to
  • Sleep in together
  • Have simple breakfast foods ready such as, muffins, fruit and juice so you don’t have to cook or clean-up
  • Have a few surprises or small gifts on hand to add to the excitement
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