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Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas For Him

As February 14th is knocking your heart beat, Romantic Valentine’s Day ideas for him are the perfect way to do something out of the ordinary and make your man happy on this wonderful day of love. Your beloved tries his best to make you happy for the year long and so do you. Then why not celebrate this Valentine’s Day with some interesting ideas that will add a sweet zest of love and romance in your relationship. You both had so much fun in New Year and Christmas festivities that you might be feeling Valentine’s Day approaching pretty fast. As this is the most awaited time for lovers; no matter how old or new in a relationship, you need to think something really special for your Valentine. But as it happens with many of us, we run out of ideas at that very moment when we are willing to express our deepest love and care. On one hand you wish to surprise your partner with creative Valentine’s Day ideas for him, but on the other you are not able to think beyond the usual stuffs-gift, flowers and chocolates. However, you need not worry much as we get you some really cute Valentine’s Day ideas for him, which will turn this day of love into a great romantic experience for you two.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas For Him

Go through 10 Best Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas for Men to express your innermost love and make your partner feel that how special he means to you. Plan out your big day with these Top 10 Valentine’s Day Ideas for him and reveal your romantic side to the man of your life.

Top 10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas For Him


  • Cocktail way- Get your man in mood for great fun and romance by preparing in some nice cocktails. Just when he enters the house, greet him with a cocktail of his choice. When he is done with it, prepare the second one in the kitchen and ask him to sip it slowly. While he sips it take him to different places in the house and let him pick the chits in which you have written exciting activities for night.
  • Strip off answers and more- Your guy loves you and one of the most romantic Valentine’s Day ideas for him would be to arrange a strip trivia for him. Reward your beloved for remembering the smallest and biggest things of your relationship. But don’t do it the ordinary way by presenting him with usual gifts. Make him sit in a relaxed mood on a sofa and tell him that you would strip off your one garment after each correct answer to the questions related to you both. Make sure you load yourself well with the clothes or else it would raise the chemistry bars higher.
  • Personalised card- There are variety of gift shops offering you with beautiful love cards. But making out a memorable personalised love card for your beloved is one of the best creative Valentine’s Day ideas for him. You can pour out your heart and mirror your innermost feelings with the simplest of words. For that extra touch of love and romance you can imprint your lips and scent the card with the perfume he prefers wearing you the most.
  • Hot Tub- Search for a portable hot tub and plan to use it as your Valentine’s Day surprise. No need to buy you can even look out for rented ones. Place the bath tub beside the television and preload a romantic Valentine’s Day movie. Surprise your partner when he comes back from work and enjoy your carnal hot tub experience with scintillating champagne, romantic flick and French fries.
  • Tickets to favourite event- A guy is always interested in any of musical band or sports event. Now, if you love and want to express it on the day of love, then just go with him to the event and enjoy together. This way you can spend some quality time as well as let him feel cared too.
  • Time for videos- You can plan this well in advance. Make a video of your favourite and most mesmerising moments. Club them with amazing captions or you can even write a heartfelt note with them and compile them with romantic tracks. Present this to your partner and ask him to play the DVD. That very moment you pretend as you have got some work in kitchen. And use that time to dress up in hot lingerie (better if the colour is of his choice). Surprise him in-between the video and see the flames of passion igniting boundlessly.
  • Pleasure after dinner- We know that planning for candlelight dinners with your boyfriend at fancy restaurants is one of the most romantic Valentine’s Day ideas for him. But this time make sure you plan something sweeter than dessert. When you both go out for a dinner ask one of your friends or any close acquaintance to arrange a romantic ambiance for you two. Do it with scented candles, flowers all around and nice chocolates delicacies. Surprise your partner and see him in all smiles.
  • Cake bake- Cake symbolises great celebrations. Valentine’s Day is a wonderful occasion to rejoice the love of your life. Bake a cake and when your partner enters the home present this as your token of love. To make the moment more special, just whisper those three magical words into his ears or you could even propose a marriage and nod a yes if he has popped up the question before.
  • Memory Box- You can sum up all your good memories in a box; from initial ones till date. You can use a nice attractive wooden or metal box and fill it up with the things you both will remember for life time. Basically you have to make your shared experiences more special. Some of the items could be your first movie tickets, menu of the restaurant you started your relationship or simply the leaf of the tree under which you have spent countless hours gazing into each other’s eyes.
  • Live complete day of love- We all have busy schedules and therefore time is the most precious thing to gift your Valentine. Make sure you cancel all your appointments and ask him to be free. Live your whole life in this one day of love. Have lunch together, spend evening at your roof and play something romantic track to dance and rejoice your day of love.

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