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Romantic Relationship Questions

Romantic Relationship questions can reignite the flam of passion between a couple since conversation is best way to know somebody well and move forward in your relation. It is always better to ask question directly then go round and round and mess up things. Romantic questions always help in building relationship and maintain them. It’s been a long time that you both are in relationship but still there are things that you don’t know about her which you must know.  It is not necessary to ask questions about relationship only but knowing each other and sharing things of past is a good way to get close to your partner.


General Question

General questions are asked to start a relationship and know about the casual activities and interest of your partner. These questions help to judge you about the personality and thinking of the partner.  General questions are not romantic question and asked in the beginning of the relationship

  • Are you short tempered?
  • Do you like partying? Attending parties? Giving parties?
  • Do you read? Has any particular book influenced you or left a life-changing impact?
  • What kind of hobbies did you have a child?
  • Where would you travel if you could go anywhere in the world?
  • How religious are you? Do you pray regularly?


Relationship Questions

Relationship questions will help you to know if your partner is happy with you or not. These questions must be asked after spending some time with your partner, look at your relationship and then judge if you both are in same stage and feel the same for each other.

  • What is your idea of a perfect date?
  • Do you believe in public displays of affection?
  • What was your first impression of me?
  • Do I make you happy?
  • If God comes to you and says you have 5 minutes to choose any one thing in this world, what would you choose?


Romantic Questions

Romance is icing on cake. Romance is the sweetest part of any relation and both the partners must feel the same for each other.  Romance can make relations more strong and can do vice versa as well. So it is best to avoid any misunderstanding and make things clear by romantic questions.

  • What is your idea of a perfect evening?
  • Which body part are you more likely to notice first in someone of the opposite gender?
  • Do you feel comfortable discussing your physical preferences with your partner?
  • What kind of clothing do you find appealing?
  • What is the difference between love, romance?
  • What would you consider a real fun thing for a couple to do together?
  • What is in your opinion the most romantic movie you’ve seen to date?
  • What are your feelings about our first kiss?
  • What are your romantic fantasies?
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