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Romantic Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

Love intimacy depends on many factors like care, trust, romance and being together for each other. One factor which is not recognized by many of the couples is to know well the deep secrets of each other. Sharing the deep feelings and emotions which were locked in the heart is a sign of intimacy which leads to strong relation. These Romantic questions to ask your boyfriend will make you more close to the heart of your boyfriend but remember make a good ambience around before you jump into the poll of questions.

Make your date more romantic and exciting by creating the ambience of love and game. You want to know your partner more and able to read his mind without any efforts then go for romantic questions to ask your boyfriend and get intimated withy him by emotional and romantic conversation.  Be more romantic and exciting for romantic questions to ask your boyfriend rather than being incessant and pestering.

Romantic Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

Romantic questions to ask your boyfriend can make your relationship much more rousing and passionate. Don’t let the lull come in your date by boring and repetitive questions of past life. Entertain yourself and your boyfriend by initiating some romantic questions and let the conversation flow with questions and answers.

25 Romantic Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend


  1. How was your first date? Was it a good experience or bad?
  2. How do you like to spend time with your partner on an occasion?
  3. Have you ever been on a blind date?
  4. Which song reminds you of me?
  5. What is the best time or memory of you and me?
  6. If God asked you for three boons, what would they be?
  7. Do you believe in rebirth? What would you like to be?
  8. Would you cook for me on a romantic date?
  9. What do you love about me the most?
  10. What would you call me lovingly?
  11. Can you tell me the secret that you’ve never told anyone?
  12. Did anyone help you to ask me out on our first date?
  13. If I were to turn up at your door, how would you react?
  14. If you were to give me a nickname, what would it be?
  15. What is the naughtiest activity you’ve ever done?
  16. Do you want me wild with you?
  17. Where do you want to live with me?
  18. Describe me your first kiss.
  19. Which color would you like me wearing for you?
  20. Describe our relation in a single word?
  21. Do you still remember our first kiss?
  22. What about me were you first attracted to?
  23. What’s is the craziest thing you would do for me?
  24. What memory of ours do you never want to forget?
  25. If you had only 5 minutes with me, what would you want to do?
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