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Romantic New Year Ideas

With romantic New Year ideas you can mark the beginning of the year in a really special way for your valentine as these are great ways to team up festive celebration and romantic endeavours. Spending a great time with your beloved on the New Years’ Eve is a tradition, but planning the very first day of the year on a passionate note is a new trick to celebrate love. And therefore ideas for a romantic New Year will not only lift up your festive mood but also make it a time to ring in refreshing New Year of fun and memories with your special someone. If the saying, ‘Anything done on the first day of New Year lasts constant for the whole year’ is to be believed, then you can mark a really exciting year for you two by turning the first day into the brand new romantic endeavour. You think of many ways to make your beloved happy as he/she holds an important place in your heart and life. New Year being the most momentous occasion offers great opportunities to express love and care to your dear ones. Surely, you would scout for different ways to make the New Year period a moment to be remembered for quite long time.

Romantic New Year Ideas

Hence, besides enthralling ideas for the year end, romantic ideas to celebrate New Year crystallize the moment so beautifully that you pop into the year ahead with your valentine in the most mesmerizing way. Besides, you also have a different story to tell your near ones and make them realise the importance of celebrating the first day of the year on a romantic note.  Go through our Top 7 Romantic New Year Ideas for Him/Her and express your love in a brand new way on a brand new day.

Best 7 Romantic Ideas to Celebrate New Year


  • Boat Cruise- One of the most romantic ways to celebrate the first day of New Year is to have an adoring experience with your partner on a boat cruise. What can be a better way to usher in the year ahead, than spending some quality time with your partner on the cruise. Rejoice the New Year celebrations as you both sail under the starry sky and enjoy a happy festive period so beautifully. You could share this romantic celebration together either by planning a private yacht boat cruise or with the public.
  • Surprise morning drive- Surprising your partner with a morning drive to a beautiful location is the most romantic New Year idea. After that sensuous mid-night kiss; toast to the New Year with her favourite wine, so that she sleeps deep. Just before sunrise, get her inside the car, making sure that she is still asleep. Drive her to an exotic location or beach and the moment she wakes up; wish her a happy New Year with a loving memorable kiss and flowers.
  • Cook that scrumptious breakfast for her- Surprise your partner on the New Year by preparing a nice breakfast for her. Remember she does it for you always and if you haven’t cooked a single meal yet, this is the best time to show your care in a different way. Make sure you have all her favourite menu on the breakfast platter.
  • Relive your first date magic- One of the best romantic New Year ideas is to recreate the magic of your first date. Take him/her out for lunch at the same place, where you had coffee for the very first time. Give her the flowers in the same way you did at that time or if possible dress up in the way you had done to impress him. Share fortunes and misfortunes you both experienced in the last year and make promises or New Year resolutions you think would prosper your relationship.
  • Ring in New Year on a remote spot- Choosing a remote spot for romantic endeavours is one of the oldest tricks and has its own reasons for being the one. Start the New Year with your beloved in the beautiful company of the nature to make it a more memorable time for you both to cherish the whole New Year. In the quite surrounding listen what your partner’s heart says and desires. If you wish you can make this moment even more memorable by proposing her for marriage with that beautiful ring.
  • Special Brunch or a Lunch- Celebrating a great New Year’s Eve bash sometimes leaves no time for a timely breakfast. So you can plan a great brunch at one of the best restaurants in the city or could even opt for delicious buffet lunch. You can also invite both of yours parents and make it a nice gathering. If you have just begun dating this idea may not appeal you much, but is definitely an icebreaker if you want to take your relationship at next level.
  • Cherish your moments- Watching a custom CD that shares happiest and loveliest of moments together is one of the most enthralling romantic ideas to celebrate New Year. You can decide it to be a private affair or a one with his/her friends. You can customize the CD with your most cherishing videos, be it funny or nostalgic and team it up with romantic songs; you would like to dedicate to your partner.

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