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Romantic Comedy Movies

Do you want to spend good time with your partner with so much laugh and joy? There is one simple answer to this question and that is romantic comedy movie which has everything in it and love, romance, humour and nice love story. Romantic comedy movies are simply feel good stories which involve a nice romantic story.  Hollywood has a vast collection of romantic comedy movies which give viewer funny plots, funny climax, romantic dialogs and a funny romantic ending which give you a reason to laugh and enjoy with your partner.

The list romantic comedy movies given below are most popular among all the comedies movies and have won many awards and appreciation from audience. They are used to change the mood completely and cater the element which can make you laugh till you fall from your seat.


Top Romantic Comedies

Love actually- Love actually is Christmas theme based movie which has interconnected stories in it and can be watched any time during the year as it contains everything not just holiday content. Hugh Grant has proved his talent in comedy genre again with the role played as British Prime Minister.

A Big Fat Greek wedding– From the releasing year 2002 to till date, this movie has topped the list of romantic comedy movies. It’s a fun movie which is enjoyed by both genders tremendously and best times pass for the couples.

When Harry met Sally- Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan are wonderful in this romantic comedy about the trials and tribulations of friendships between men and women. Many of the scenes in movie are considered to be the most amazing comedy scene in the history of Hollywood.

There’s something about Mary- The actor has shown the character of shy, lovable loser who never gets over his love life, Mary. Ben Stiller has presented himself in a very passionate comic character. It’s a hilarious tale of love, jealousy and persistence.

Meet the parents- It was one of the most entertaining movie in 2000. Robert DeNiro’s and ben stiller has done a terrific act in the movie. It features DeNiro as an ex-CIA agent who takes an immediate disliking to his daughter’s boyfriend, Greg Focker (Ben Stiller).


Popular Romantic Comedy Movies

  1. While you were sleeping
  2. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
  3. Hitch
  4. You’ve Got mail
  5. The Proposal
  6. Sleepless in Seattle
  7. 50 First Dates
  8. The Princess Bride
  9. Pretty Woman
  10. Along Came Polly
  11. How to Lose a Guy in 10 days
  12. Stardust
  13. Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
  14. Sweet Home Alabama
  15. Clueless
  16. Just like Heaven
  17. There’s Something About Marry
  18. The Wedding Singer
  19. My Best Friend’s Wedding
  20. Four Weddings and a Funeral
  21. The Cutting Edge
  22. Can’t Buy me love
  23. Serendipity
  24. What Women Want
  25. The Wedding Planner
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