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Romantic Advices For Men

While some men are inborn flirt, others need to brush up their art of romance quite often. Now, romantic advice for men can surely let the latter ones to showcase their passionate side desirably. Its true that love is something that tickles from inside, but then it’s quite tough for the men to express their feelings romantically. Women are much more anticipating in romance and it’s very easy for them to turn you guys on. On the other hand, men need oodles of effort and charismas to woo their lady love or keep the relationship flames ignited. However, you need not drool over your inability, as this is what makes romance coming from a man so exciting and special for any relationship. So, this clearly means that you have to look out for some great romantic advice for men and think of ways to mesmerise your valentine.

But before following them blindly, there is only one advice which every man should keep in mind not for a single day but for lifetime relation and that is to respect your love and her feelings. Trust us; if you make sure not to take your beloved for granted, then romantic advice and tips for men will work wonders to keep your relationship a cherishing one.

Romantic Advices For Men

Have a look at our 7 most popular romantic advices for men to turn your date into an extraordinary experience and gift a memorable passionate moment for your valentine.

Most Romantic Advices For Men


  • Be her cute Chef for the day: A man looks so cute while cooking, almost each and every woman thinks like this. It’s not that how good or bad you are in your culinary arts, what matters is that you have made an effort to do something like she does for you every day. So, cooking something special for her is one romantic advice for men which work in every relation.
  • Be different this time: Women love surprises. It does not need to be a romantic dinner, or any costly gift. It can be anything like red rose, her favourite chocolate, a long walk with her and a DVD of her favourite movie. What women need is your effort or wish to make her feel special. She will not look into the gift but in your eyes which should be full of emotions and love for her.
  • Try some romantic dance moves: You have no idea how thrilling it is to dance with a man who knows how to move. A well-executed slow dance can make her go weak in the knees and beg for more. If you know how to do ballroom dance, that’s even better. There’s nothing quite like moving as one with a man on a dance floor.
  • Let her feel the importance: Women just love and feel very special when they have been given the important time for their beloved. Taking time out of your busy schedule may disturb your work for one day but that one day would give lifetime happiness to your better-half. Sharing emotions and giving her the time when she needs is the most important thing for her.
  • Show your humorous side: A good sense of humour is what women desperately demand in their better half. Taking her out from elusive situations with a smile on her face is something every woman expects but very few are lucky to have. Be the one but always remember don’t exaggerate it can also bore or hurt her feelings if you make fun of everything around. A good sense of humor is only good with good timings.
  • Plan an exotic picnic: If you are on your journey of expressing endless love for your beloved, then planning an exotic picnic with her can never go wrong as one of the best romantic advice for men. Choose a day when you both are free and take her out on a romantic beach endeavour or any isolate place where only you two have that special time for each other. Next, let your desires speak for yourselves and rest will be all romantic moments to cherish for long
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