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Keep Romance Alive In LDR

Internet dating and career relocations have made long distance relationship quite normal these days, but to keep romance alive in LDR is what that matters the most. Your girlfriend or boyfriend might be living in a different city or even a different country. You both are devoid of that exclusive time and miss out on those loving gestures. Hence, keeping the flames of passion ignited is not an easy task. Sometimes things get so stressful that you tend to ask yourself about different disastrous questions. Is our relationship a rut and nothing else? If this is what you feel, then it seems you are carrying a relationship just for sake. This also marks a great height of boredom as there is no zeal and enthusiasm for each other.  However, if you think about your partner more than once in a day or whenever you look and hear about your couple friends, it clearly indicates that you really love him/her and romance has just taken a back seat. Yes, it’s true that there are many obstacles in long distance relationship but all can be cleared with the feelings of love, strength of true care and trust to each other. For a strong long distance relationship, you need to have romance alive and create zeal for each other.

Keep Romance Alive In LDR

If you are not able to find any way, then follow our 5 ways to keep romance alive in LDR and feel the magic of loving romance all over again. Go through the advice given below and make sure you keep them in mind to relive the charm of your bond.

Ways To Keep Romance Alive In LDR

Love letters- Love letters quite old but most worthy way to keep the romance alive in ldr. A handwritten love letter in long distance relationship works as in oil on fire.  Your emotions and love in words with your hand writing, keeping the things alive for your partner. Love letter is a tangible thing which your lover will keep on reading again and again. It gives the feeling of togetherness and feeling of your texture on the love letter. Love letters are biggest asset for lovers and much appealing to the reader from the sender.

Watch a Movie Together- If you are not getting anything interesting or your talks are getting dull on phone. Then you can take help of all time romancing element movies as a bond between you two. Send your love the same romantic movie and watch the movie together at the same time and be connected with phone. It is not as same as sitting together but will give you the feel of togetherness and romance with the romantic scenes in movie. It will keep the romance alive in ldr even with the long geographical distances in your relation.

Play games- It may sound funny and impish but it works so great in ldr. When you are miles apart from your love and missing them it is not necessary to pester and cry all the time for distance. You can enjoy on phone as well. Find out some sensuous and exotic games of questions or anything like that. You can play games on online, or through webcam, on phones. There are many options to put the charm of romance alive in your relationship.

Web-cam magic- With the blessings of new technology and science, the lovers who are apart by long distance are no more in pain. You can enjoy many pleasurable moments with your love through web cam as you both can see each other and have feel of each other. Make your love life successful with the new technology and don’t let this distance toll on your relationship.  See each other and make love to your partner, it will strengthen your relation and reduces the differences between you two.

Long talks and fantasies- No matter how long been the difference and how long it’s going to be, always make it a small gap with your long talks. Make plans for the day you are meeting, fantasies with each other that how and when you both are going to meet.  Talking and dreaming with your love is a best way to keep romance alive in ldr.

So, if lack of communication and different priorities is leaving you with no time to keep romance alive in long distance relationship, then our 5 best solutions is there to help you out effectively. Feel happy and closer to each other, the moment you start sharing that lost warmth of affection.

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