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Cutest Ways To Get Close

So you’re on your first date, deodorant: check, Breath mint: check, here’s the dilemma, should you get close to her? How close is close enough? Touching your female companion for the first time has been the cause of many a nervous breakdown for the male populace of our planet. If you touch her and she doesn’t like it you’re in trouble, she might think you’re a creep, and if you don’t, you risk being stranded forever in the oblivion of the ‘Friend-Zone.

So here is the million dollar question what do you do to no end up in the friend zone or simply put, how do you get close to her without giving out the creep-stalker vibe? Step one to any successful battle plan is scoping out the territory. How to find out if she is interested in you? Read the rest of this post to learn some cute ways to get close to her and overcome the legendary touch barrier.

Cutest Ways To Get Close

Here are a few ways to help you get close to your female companion without coming off as a bona fide creep.

Get Close To Her in Cute Ways


  • Is she Interested? This should be your major concern; you need to discern for yourself if she would be comfortable being touched by you. Gauging her interest is crucial, if she’s laughing at your jokes, making regular eye contact, smiling and having a good time in general; you’re green otherwise you need to up your game. Make sure she’s comfortable, talk to her, ask her about herself and let her talk more than you. Lighten up the atmosphere and avoid heavy topics till later.
  • A Casual Touch: A gentle touch never hurt anyone; the key being ‘gentle’. Brushing off a stray hair from her cheek or removing something from her hair is a pretty good way to start. If she responds positively you’re doing good. Holding up her coat or jacket for her is also a good start, if she reacts positively then you may go as far as to pull her hair out if its stuck between her jacket and her back.  The key here is to be as chivalrous as possible.
  • Offer Her Your Hand For Help: Help her moving out from a car, give her a gentle touch and show your care with the cute gestures.  Be a gentleman and show her that chivalry is not dead with these small gestures. At the start of a relationship, you must not show your all feelings to your partner directly but subtle touch is what considered being a cute ways to get close to your lady.
  • Lean Towards Her: Getting close and touching is always good at the start even when it is done in required place. When you both are sitting on crowed concert or any place where you don’t have any other choice but to sit close to each other like sitting in a park with your back resting against each other are cute ways to get close to her without being embarrassed. This type of closeness soon becomes the reasons of your intimate relations and act as a part of your best memories.
  • Experiment Together in the Kitchen: This is probably a good thing a little further down in your relationship. Kitchen romances are a universally cute no matter where you are. Cooking together will give you plenty of opportunities to get close to her from simply brushing your hands reaching for the same spoon to helping her reach a high shelf. The Kitchen is a pretty good place to add a little spice to your relationship.
  • Sniff it out: A very innocent and cute way to get close with someone without being too brazen about it is to compliment her for good smell.  Go around her and ask her that I sniffed around and wonder about the good fragrance and finally get into her neck and compliment her with a smile oh wow it’s you, who lured me here.
  • Duo Sports: Dance is an activity that gives you plenty of opportunity to hold your partner in an intimate pose for a while and does not show your alacrity for getting close. Make some good moves with little touch in a start and make her comfortable with your hands on her body. If dancing isn’t your cup of tea you can always try any other sport which can give you an opportunity to hold her from behind, Pool is a pretty good example.
  • Be Direct: Once again this is for when your relationship has gone on for a little while. Just looking in to her eyes and asking her ‘can I kiss you’ makes you sound cute and innocent. Taking permission to hold her is also a pretty cute way of going about it.
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