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10 Romantic Games for Couples

Spice up your love life with our 10 romantic games for couples. These romantic games for couples will fill your time spent together with pleasure and carnality. Romantic games are also a good way to beat the monotony of life and add a little zing to your relationship. Romantic games for couples are also a wonderful way to increase the heat under the covers. These couple games can be used to get comfortable with your partner romantically.


The best games for couples are those which are easy to comprehend and make things exciting for the lovers. Our thoughtful collection of 10 romantic games for couples fit this description and will surely make your time together thrilling. Although some of the games might need some preparatory time but it will be totally worth it. These romantic games for couples will ensure you a lovely day out with your better half. The best way will be to combine these couple’s romantic games with your vacation or dinner date. An evening spent together playing an enticing game makes up for the most remarkable moments in a relationship.


10 Romantic Games for Couples


Browse through Valentine Carnival’s list of 10 romantic games for couples and take the excitement and eroticism in your relationship a notch higher. You can also enhance the love quotient of these romantic games with your creativity and personal touch.


10 Romantic Games for Couples


  • Scavenger Hunt: This all-time fun game can be one of the best romantic games for couples. You just have to replace the treasure with you in a attractive outfit. Leave hints for your better half at the common and most obvious places in the house. To make it more intriguing, write the hints behind some beautiful photos of yours.
  • Guess the Body Part: Blindfold your partner and give him or her body massage with any of your body part and ask your mate to guess it. The magical effect that follows this game is divine.
  • Strip Chess: The classic game of chess can be turned into a fun and romantic game for couples. There is no change in the rules here just the edition of one. Every time one lover’s piece gets captured, he or she will have to remove a thing which he or she is wearing. Also include accessories in this, so that the game can last longer and becomes more exciting. This enticing game will really heat up things.
  • Truth or Dare: It is one of the best games for couples to know each other and make your mate do some erotic favors to you. Use your creativity to make the most of this game.
  • Guess the Word: Write something on your partner’s bare back with your tongue and ask him to guess what you have written. And you know what should be the penalties and rewards for their guesses!
  • Dice Game: It is very simple but extremely intriguing game for couples. All you have to do is take two dices, preferably of two different colors or sizes. Make a table for all the denominations for both the dices. For dice one, write a body part for every value. For instance, 1- cheeks, 2- lips, 3- neck and so on. Similarly for the second dice assign every value to a sensuous action like caress, kiss and the like. Throw both the dices together and each partner will alternatively perform the actions as per the combination of the values of both dices.
  • Erotic Monopoly: Turn this traditional game into a romantic game for couples by adding some funny or sensuous elements. For example, landing on your mate’s building can mean he/she has to model in a funny costume for you or kiss you.
  • Card Games with Sensuous Tasks: This one of the 10 romantic games for couples can be made exciting by writing some erotic tasks or positions on the cards and every time that card is used, the partner has to abide by the instructions of the card.
  • Drunken Domino: Compliment the all-time favourite game with your favourite drinks. At the end of every game the looser will have to drink one peg. Carry on the match till 10-15 games and it will surely transit to another level of fun and romance.
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