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Lost Friendship Quotes

Friendship is the strongest relation which gives you strength and courage to fight with cruelties of life. Friends are biggest support to any individual. Friends are those well-wishers who understand one and have liberty to stand in front of you from doing any wrong in life. Friends are like soul-mates who understand you more than yourself sometimes and losing someone like that is the life’s biggest loss.

The relation of friendship is delicate and so pure and develops deep love and affection between two people that get connects with each other so strongly. Losing such friend due to any reason either it is sore between friends or any natural loss of friend, it brings big depression and sadness in the life of friends. Lost friendship quotes are best to define the feelings and emotions of friends who have been in this pain.

Friendship has many aspects and different stages like many people make friends so easily but do not get close to them emotionally and spiritually. On the other hand some take so much time to be friend with someone but once they are close to one they carry it with full honesty and loyalty.  Losing friends does not affect the same on everyone but it affects everyone for sure. Lost friendship quotes suits every single feeling of friend loss from minor to major changes in the life of friends.

The writers, philosophers and poet have included all the feelings of friendship in lost friendship quotes like trust, care, faith, and love, betray and lost. A loss of friend is very much explained in lost friendship quotes and will heal your pain by the dignified and touching words of friendship.

Broken Friendship Quotes

  1. I hate fading away from someone that was once a big part of my life. Someone that was important to me.
  2. I don’t miss you as a boyfriend. I miss you as a best friend before our relationship…
  3. It sucks on some days when I miss you so much that I go looking through old photos, old conversations, and even old statuses. And it makes me smile, but then the hurt comes back.
  4. I miss talking to you. It’s like we have endless topic of anything and everything and I miss that. I miss talking to someone who gets me.
  5. It really hurts that we are not friends anymore. We walk pass each other in the hall, and it didn’t used to be like that.
  6. It hurts to keep all the unspoken words I didn’t finish telling you everything when we talked face to face because i was too sad/upset and now i don’t even know if i want to tell you still. Knowing that you probably don’t care anymore.
  7. Every passing day, youre closer to being forgotten and even so I wish our friendship had not been killed along with our fate.
  8. Sometimes I feel like we’re friends, sometimes I feel like we’re more than friends, but sometimes I feel like I’m just a stranger to you.
  9. Just because we don’t talk anymore, doesn’t mean that I don’t care about you any less than I did before.
  10. When you’re around someone so much, for so long, they become a part of you, and when they go away, you don’t know who you are without them.
  11. You know what I hate? Being ignored, put down, judged, feeling insecure, being hurt and losing friends.
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