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Wedding Poems

Wedding is one occasion which definitely calls for poetry. The tradition of wedding poems began with the Greeks. A poem or song used to be sung at the doors of the wedding venue in the praise of the groom and the bride. The tradition of the wedding poems was revived, or in other words, got a make- over during the Renaissance period. Since then reciting wedding poems and quotes for the married couple has become a custom and integral part of the western culture. Now the wedding poems do not involve invoking of gods, goddesses and nymphs. And the wedding poems can be recited by any one, friend or family or even the ones who are getting married.


Friends and family prepare a nice and blissful wedding poem or song to contribute in the joy and fun of the married couple. The wedding poem is intended to bless the newly- wed couple with happiness and love. The wedding poems are specifically dedicated to describe the feelings and sentiments of the peers towards the newly blessed couple. The poems for wedding are also sung to wish a prosperous future to the couple. The English literature has many good wedding poems in store which can be picked to recite at a wedding ceremony. The writers and lyricist over the period have poured their emotions and experiences of the wedding into their words.


Wedding Poems


The following section offers some of such remarkable poems that can be recited at a wedding ceremony. Our collection of wedding poems will cater to any one from friends, family and well- wishers to the bride and groom even.


Best Wedding Poems


  • The Best Is Yet To Be By Joanna Fuchs
    On your joyful wedding day,
    You begin a brand new life.
    Friends and family give their gifts
    To joyful husband, blissful wife
    But the greatest gift you’ll ever get,
    A gift from heaven above,|
    Is love forever, ending never,
    Everlasting love.
    You’ll share life’s joy and pleasure;
    You’ll have plenty of that, it’s true.
    But love is the real treasure
    For your new spouse and you.
    And if life hands you challenges,
    As it does to one and all,
    Your love will hold you steady
    And never let you fall.
    Your wedding day is full of joy;
    Tomorrow you cannot see.
    But one thing’s sure for the two of you:
    The best is yet to be.
  • It’s your Wedding Day
    It’s your Wedding Day
    So perfect and fine,
    With all your friends round you
    To have a good time.
    And we wish you much happiness
    Starting your lives as one,
    Always give love to each other
    With lots of laughter and fun.
  • Blessed is the child of light
    Blessed is the child of light
    who is pure in heart,
    for that person shall see God.
    For as the heavenly Father has given you
    his Holy Spirit,
    and your earthly mother has given you
    her holy body,
    so shall you give love
    to all your brothers and sisters.
    And your true brothers and sisters are those
    who do the will of your heavenly Father
    and your earthly mother.
    Let your love be as the Sun
    which shines on all the creatures of the earth,
    and does not favor one blade of grass
    for another.
    And this love shall flow as a fountain
    from person to person,
    and as it is spent
    so shall it be replenished.
    For love is eternal.
    Love is stronger
    than the currents of deep waters.
    Love is stronger than death.
    And if human beings have not love,
    they build walls between themselves
    And the creatures of the earth.
  • Proud By Louise Wilson
    As I approach the dark, wooden open doors,
    As I hear the music start to play,
    A rush of excitable nerves take my fear,
    As I remember what it took to get to this day.
    ​Hiding beneath a display of friendship,
    Creating a web of lies,
    Not knowing everyone was watching me fall in love,
    The love in my heart shining through my eyes.
    Defeating opinions and comments shared,
    Telling everyone, I am in love!
    My heart taken by a beautiful woman,
    For once, love is enough.
    So here I am today,
    Walking towards you so very proud,
    I am in awe as I only see your beauty,
    Can’t hear the music nor see the crowd.
    I take your hand in mine,
    How we fit so perfect, so cleverly,
    By far the most perfect day in my life,
    Our proud civil ceremony.
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