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Sweet Friendship Poems

Sweet friendship poems are about the sweet relation of friendship which combines two hearts as one. Sweet friendship poems have sweet little stories of true friendship in it which describes the strongest bonding between two human beings.  Anyone can write sweet friendship poems who have experienced the love, acre, understanding, support and togetherness of real friendship.  Friendship is a relation which is not forced on you but a person finds an individual with whom you can relate yourself and feel comfortable more than anywhere else.  Sweet friendship poems are part and description of those emotions in your life. The great writers like Shakespeare, William, alexander and Samuel have very explained the meaning of friendship in their poetry on sweet friendship poems. The collection given below of sweet friendship poems are will help you to better understand this relation and respect its divine power and elegance of it.

You can gift these sweet friendship poems to your friends on special occasions of friendship day and birthdays which will make them feel special and close to you. The sweetness of friendship depicts in every word of sweet friendship poems which is admired and adored by true friends.

Short Sweet Friendship Poems

Treasures We Own

When my hand is wrinkled so,

it’s you that I will still want you know.

As my hair turns silver and gray

remember me as I was yesterday.

My long red hair blowing in the breeze,

we loved each other with ease.

Now in the park your hand I hold,

you keep me warm as it turns cold.

We sit on a bench and feed the birds,

not a single word needs to be heard.

Remembrances of years gone by,

we both smile…we both sigh.

Remembering our first glance,

and for hours how we danced.

The flowers you gave to me for no reason,

and the little things you did every season,

made me a believer in true love.

The kind that’s been blessed from above.

Our children have grown and left our home,

all those memories we now own.

A treasure of love is between two hearts,

nothing has ever torn them apart.

Our love has stood the test of time,

we are still together our souls entwined.

Until the day we shall pass from here,

eternally we are one soul my dear.

Friendship Is A Blessing

Friendship is a blessing

it’s the best you have to share,

The talents and the wisdom,

the capacity to care…

It’s being there to lend support,

whatever needs arise,

It’s making sure that others know

they’re special in your eyes…

Friendship is a blessing,

and, to all who have a friend,

It’s one of the most precious gifts

that life could ever send.

Dear Sweet Friend

You are a dear sweet friend

One that I adore

You’re there when I need you

And so much more

And I pray that God

Always has you in his sight

Guiding and looking after you

Morning, noon, and night

For all the goodness

and all love that you share

You deserve all the blessings

That the Lord can spare

Thank you for being a giving soul

You are the most thoughtful

And caring person I know


One day when you feel alone

Remember i’m at the end of a phone

I love you loads

And that must show

I want to let all the world to no

I have a friend, that is you

I love you for all you do

Your face so sweet and your heart so gentle

Keeping me together when i’m going mental

Telling me you love me and that you hold me tight

Being there for me even in the night

Thank you friend you mean a lot to me

Maybe now you’ll see

How much you mean to me

cal June 3, 2022 at 2:51 am

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