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Relationship poems

Relationship poems describe the relation of two individuals who fall in love and make a beautiful heart. A relation is a bonding which binds two different people from two different worlds like one person. Love happens gradually and makes you more close to your love one as the days passes. For some love happens in a day and for other it takes years to understand that deep feeling of emotions and love for the person. The relationship poems given below will explain the deep emotions and love of couples for each other.

Relationship poems have all the different feelings of lovers and their emotions in a very pleasant way. You can express your feelings by singing or rhyming these romantic relationship poems in front of your lover to show your emotions and feelings to them.

relationship poems

Make your day special by expressing your love with the innovative ways of showing your love to your partner. Enjoy the happy bonding and love with beautiful emotions and creative words by the famous writers and poets.


Found Love

Life is long
and sometimes sweet
then all at once
a man you meet.

A man so honest
a man so true
who gives you back
what once was you.

I send to you
though far apart
a precious gift
, which is my heart.

Just think of me
before you sleep
my heart I give
for you to keep.



Communication takes practice,
it’s never perfect,
sometimes not patient,
sometimes not kind,
but you have to say what’s on
your mind.
Lend an ear,
listen not just hear,
to the ones you love so dear.
Communication is not a one way street,
it takes two,
to concur this feat.
Communication is hard you see,
but in the end,
it is key,
to that great relationship,
we all want and need.
Open your heart,
say what’s on your mind,
When you are partners
for life there’s nothing to hide.


What I Have Been Missing

You invaded my private world with your beautiful smile and understanding heart,
And I wondered to myself that you were different right from the very start.
You listened without judgment to what I had about me to say,
And even after I was done with the good, the bad, the ugly you still didn’t run away.
We developed a friendship with trust, with no walls to build or guard,
We decided to leave the past behind and step into the good that could be no matter our discomfort or how hard.
I’ve grown to love you with no hidden agenda or false pretence but with only the real me,
Letting you get to know about me what most people never see.
I’m writing this to you for you to understand,
That spending time with you is so precious I never want to let go your hand.
The time that we spend apart cannot equal when we are together,
I miss you oh too much but when we meet again will be so much better.
Our time apart for me helps me see that you are what I have for many years been missing in my life,
A woman that is beautiful, and kind, and understanding, and loving, you are the woman I wished I would have met and been together long ago, and made you my wife.
But the past is the past, and the future is what we do with each moment now,
Let’s make each moment we are together count and overshadow the past,
And love like never before because that will be what will forever last.
I love you.


The woman I love

You think of things impossible, and I slip my hand in yours
We walk right beside the moon, it seems to follow us and we want to get lost.
There’s a smile on your face as I surprise you with a tighter grip and then your warm arm around waist.
These winters have so much in store, like many others that went and many others waiting to unveil,
There’s a way in front, wrapped by overgrown trees, we walk through that brown tunnel with no need of a light to guide us.
Many a days, there’s this void that makes aware of itself. Without you, it grows.
Many songs, I wish to sing with you. For you. To you. In languages unknown, just for you to decipher.
Many people, tried to read and many attempted the letters that form us. Though they aren’t able to, but they don’t fail. We make sure that they don’t.
Many nights, I have spent on my own and even a thought of them, petrifies me. Memories with your absence are like summers without color, and winters without warmth.
Many times, we fell, many times we crawled and dragged ourselves ashore. Many times we just stood there and laughed with the sunshine.
Grace, love, freedom and eternal strength we induce in each other.
Like the eyes feed the heart, you feed me with beauty and sense. I wish to be the same for you.
Years have simply washed themselves and left behind one thing. You. The one without this place makes no sense.
The one without I wish to disappear into darkness and alleys of sheer evil. And when I did once, you held me and ran through it with me.
No, its not perfect, nobody said it will be. But I have my woman beside me. And she makes it wonderful
Somehow. Anyhow.


Flaws and You

You hold me in and I pull away, you ask me why
I don’t know why.
I fear to go there, stand there and tell them how badly I want it.
I try to explain this to you, but you just stare.
I envy those who have what I don’t, I regret my vacant dreams and hopes.
My inquisitive heart and swallowed mind roam naked in these alleys,
The roads that I dread to take and the bewilderment I crave
As I speak, you stay straight faced…just staring at me.
My flaws and fears,
My pretend and truth, my lies and crimes.
I speak of them to you, you see me trembling…you don’t hold my hand.
I fix my sight and talk ’bout love.
Its absence in me and its presence between us. How I don’t feel them in me.
How they don’t bother, touch, feel or capture me at all.
And how easily you planted a seed of innocence, and how fast its growing
And how that also scares…I tell you that I am weak.
I tell you that I have sinned, I tell you I love you.
I loose my sight and turn myself to you. You don’t say anything .
My eyes plead you to say something but as look right back at them, they turn silent.
I kiss you,
You kiss me back.

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