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Beautiful Poems For Mother’s Day

Mother’s day poems are one of the best ways to make your mom feel special and to convey to her how much she has been loved and appreciated by you. There is nothing more special and heart touching for your mom than your efforts to make her happy. This mother’s day please her with a sweet and thoughtful poem and reciprocate the love and affection she has given to you whole of her life. Recite a cute mother’s day poem to your mentor at the family dinner or write a short mother’s day poem for her in a self-made card. You can choose a lovely mother’s day poem from our collection from some of the well- known poets of English literature.


Or if you feel that you have a writer’s streak inside you then mesmerise your mother by dedicating a cute poem to her. Your mom will even appreciate and admire your not so good and unrhymed poem if you have written it on your own. Your darling mother will be impressed by the effort you have put to make her feel special on mother’s day. To take some inspiration just think about the immense love, care and unconditional support you have got from her. Recall the faith she has in you and how she has spent sleepless nights to take care of you in sickness.


Beautiful Poems For Mother’s Day


Mother’s day poems by some famous contemporary and classical poets are listed below. Bring a smile on your mom’s face with these sweet and touching poems this mother’s day.


Mother’s Day Poems


    God made a wonderful mother,
    A mother who never grows old;
    He made her smile of the sunshine,
    And He moulded her heart of pure gold;
    In her eyes He placed bright shining stars,
    In her cheeks fair roses you see;
    God made a wonderful mother,
    And He gave that dear mother to me.
    By Pat O’Reilly


    Our mother is the sweetest and
    Most delicate of all.
    She knows more of paradise
    Than angels can recall.
    She’s not only beautiful
    But passionately young,
    Playful as a kid, yet wise
    As one who has lived long.
    With her we launch our daring ships
    Yet keep the things that last.
    By Nick Gordon


    A Mother’s love is something
    that no one can explain,
    It is made of deep devotion
    and of sacrifice and pain,
    It is endless and unselfish
    and enduring come what may
    For nothing can destroy it
    or take that love away . . .
    It is patient and forgiving
    when all others are forsaking,
    it defies all explanation,
    And it still remains a secret
    like the mysteries of creation . . .
    A many splendored miracle
    man cannot understand
    And another wondrous evidence
    of God’s tender guiding hand.
    By Helen Steiner Rice


    A Mother’s love, is sure to find
    A way to comfort, ease your mind
    She knows just how, to build you up
    When you’re so down, and can’t look up
    You love the way, she makes you feel
    Like you’re so special, her ideal
    Her thought must start, with God above
    To bring such caring, with such love
    And as it flows, like gentle rain
    It surely helps, when troubles pain
    And that’s the feel, known deep inside
    Her faith and love, I still confide
    By Roger J. Robicheau


    I miss you so much,
    your laugh, your smile, your touch.
    You always brightened my days
    with all the smiles you sent my way.
    I need you as my angel
    to always be at my side.
    I need you as my angel
    to give me peace of mind.
    I like to think you are near to me
    to know that you are there.
    Even though I cannot see you,
    I feel that you are near.
    For you are always in my heart,
    my thoughts and prayers.
    I love you.
    By Shari M. Blom


    There are times when only a Mother’s love
    Can understand our tears,
    Can soothe our disappoints
    And calm all of our fears.
    There are times when only a Mother’s love
    Can share the joy we feel
    When something we’ve dreamed about
    Quite suddenly is real.
    There are times when only a Mother’s faith
    Can help us on life’s way
    And inspire in us the confidence
    We need from day to day.
    For a Mother’s heart and a Mother’s faith
    And a Mother’s steadfast love
    Were fashioned by the Angels
    And sent from God above.
    Author Unknown
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