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Life long Friendship Poems

Friendship is the most beautiful relation in this world and it is something which can be cherished life long friendship poems. Friendship gives you support and feeling of togetherness which you can’t get anywhere else.  Friendship is relation who always gives you and demands nothing in return then loves and trust. Life long friendship poems are for those who admire their friends and feel lucky to have them in their life. Friendship is not something which has any validity of time period, when you are friends with someone you are friends forever; this relationship is very much explained in the category of lifelong friendship poems.

Life long friendship is gift of god to two people who are friends and celebrate their relation of friendship in every bit of life.  Life long friendship poems are nothing but a way to express those deep feelings of friendship with friends and make your friends feel special and delight with the approaching words of emotion of friendship. Life long friendship poems are part of life to people who feel connected to it and never relegate their precious relation in life.

Life long Friendship Poems


It has meant so much

Having you as a friend

You will always be a part of me

Until the end

When times are tough

You are always there

It has brightened my world

Just knowing you care

You make me feel the love

I have inside

You are a friend,

A mentor, a guide

Since we met

Our friendship has grown

While you’re in the world

I will never be alone

I feel blessed to have met

Some one like you

And to have found a friendship

So special and true

Friend Forever

You are my friend

On which I can depend.

You are the closest person to my heart

I will never try to break your heart

You make me feel delight

When my mood says to fight

I can bare anything for my dear

But cant bear when u fear

I will stand for you any time and place

Whether someone is with you or only god grace

I really respect you from my heart

Will keep you happy even I have to sell my part

If you are with me I feel I am in heaven

If you are far I feel somebody took me away from my dear pal

All I want to say is that we are close friends

For ever forever and forever

Life Long Friend

From the moment we met

I knew you’d become

A lifelong friend;

A special chum

The way that you listened

Revealed that you cared

And conveyed that you would

Always be there

From that moment I knew,

How blessed I was,

To have a friend like you

Always There

You’re always there.

When I am sad, mad

or just having a bad day,

You’re always there.

Doesn’t matter what mood I’m in,

You’re always there.

Thank you very much,

I really appreciate it.

I love the friendship we share

but most of all I love you.

You’re always there

The sound of your soothing voice

is like the sound of a chorus of angels

that fill my heart with joy

No matter how far or near,

You’re always there

Forever in my heart

you will be for years and years.

Through thick and thin we will stand.

You’re always there

We will always be friends forever and ever

You’re always there

When it comes down to it,

I will always be there for you


You will always be there for me

cal June 3, 2022 at 2:31 am

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