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Inspirational Love Poems

Love itself is a word to inspire and live the life of joy and happiness. Love inspires us to live, to be happy, and to make compromise and sacrifice to make our loved ones happy. Inspirational love poems have the same thing; it wreaks the zest of living and believing in God and his divine powers. Inspirational love poems have the stories of true love in it which inspires love feelings and compromises for love.

The assortment of Inspirational love poems given below are best from the collection of love poems and very well define the love to the lovers. As we can say the love is as pure as God and when you are in true love, you can feel yourself close to the God. Either you reap your partner from the world or not, if you have felt the feelings of true love than you are close to God and feel the power of wisdom in you. Find the inspirational love poems and unequivocal your feelings.

Inspirational Love Poems

I wonder if I dreamed of you-

if you would appear?

To make my nights full of love,

and always hold me near.

I wonder if I thought of you-

if you would feel it in your soul?

Like two spirits in the universe,

who always seem to know.

Even if the stars went black

and the sun were to shine no more.

They could find their way to each other,

no matter how far the shore.

Safely in each other’s arms,

to bid the rest of time.

Finding Eternal Love

so many seek to find.

Caring for each other

through the worst of storms.

Leaning on the arms of love

and never need anymore.

This is how I feel for you,

I’ve known it all along.

You are my one true love

My world.. My heart.. My soul!


I can see the tears forming around your eyes.

And I can see your fears building up inside.

I can see your confused and tired of life.

I can tell you wish everything felt right.

I can tell your sad and just want to be held.

I can tell you fake that smile and that your going through hell.

I can tell your afraid and fed up with the pain.

I can tell your feelings are hard to explain

All you need is for someone to come along.

And take your fears away so they’d be gone.

Someone to keep you warm when your shivering and your cold.

Someone of whom with your future will unfold.

Someone to take your hand and hold on tight.

Someone to hold you on through the night.

Someone to wipe those tears from your eyes.

Someone who will be faithful and never say goodbye.

Think real hard and you’ll figure out that someone is me.

Ill make you my everything to my heart you’ll have the key.

Ill give you happiness ill make your fears be gone.

Because it seems like in this world we all need someone.

My Eternity

I look at you and can only see,
My love, my life, my Eternity.

With you there is no end,
Let’s hold each other, our love to tend,

In this chaotic world of ours,
One thing is for sure in my heart,

You finish the circle throughout my life,
Like a never ending fire through the night,

Mystic colors swirl ’round,
Only for you will they die down,

Keep me on your mind and in your thoughts,
What we have, my love, cannot be bought.

cal June 3, 2022 at 2:08 am

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