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I’m Sorry Poems

I’m sorry poems help you to overcome the awkward situation of regression. When you are in relationship, there come many ups and downs. You lose control on your tongue when you are in anger or upset on something. Anger makes you wild and only one target is in mind and that is to hurt the close one, you say tainted words which will upset your partner the most.  These tarnishing situation of relationship can only be healed by I’m sorry poems.  You can settle down all grumbles of your partner by singing or sending I’m sorry poems to your partner.

I’m sorry poems can placate the heart of your partner and help you to confide your apology to your partner.  I’m sorry poems save you from embarrassment to apologies to your partner who knows you deeply.  Learn the different brio to apologies with I’m sorry poems to your loved one. Find the collection of best I’m sorry poems to convey your message and makes thing smooth and easy in your relationship.

Best I’m Sorry Poems

Sad Truth In Life

There’s one sad truth in life I’ve found

While journeying east and west –

The only folks we really wound

Are those we love the best.

We flatter those we scarcely know,

We please the fleeting guest,

And deal full many a thoughtless blow

I’m Sorry

words I say don’t always come out right
and they always seem to start a fight

I know what I say can hurt you
and believe me I don’t mean to

the last thing I want to see is you sad
because I can’t control myself when I get mad

I know all you want from me is my best
but right now I need time to rest

everything is happening so fast
how long will it all last

everything is falling apart
it’s ripping my heart

I have so much anger built up I have to get it out
and all I want to do is scream and shout

I take it out on you
even through I don’t mean to

I’m sorry for causing you more stress
I know even you need time to rest

Can’t Get You Out Of My Head

Once again I write to you
The sun is shining the sky is blue
And all I do is sit and think…..
Only about you without a blink

The days pass and the nights yearn
From all that has happened I wish I could learn
That life isn’t always what you desire
It leaves you lost in flames of fire

You see your day and see it through
Knowing what I’m writing is all so true
You ignore the meaning of all of this
Thinking that I’m being childish

I’ve tried to ignore I’ve tried to forget
But all I see is the first time we met
I don’t know why this happened to me
Maybe it’s a dream, pinch me and see

All I request is a closing chapter
Meet me for 5 don’t let me wonder
All I want is for you to reflect on
Whether I lie and this is for fun

Hopefully you’ll find the answer is no
That this for me isn’t a show
Don’t forget the moments we had
The day you left I was sad


sorry im not perfect

sorry im not true

sorry im not happy

sorry im not you

sorry im not there

sorry im not that extraordinary

sorry im not thin

sorry im just ordinary

sorry im outspoken

sorry i dont share

sorry i dont need you

sorry you were never there

sorry im not comfortable

sorry your the same

sorry that i dont change

sorry im not game

sorry im here

sorry i wont be gone

sorry you dont care for me

sorry if im wrong

sorry for what im about to do

sorry but i cant stay

sorry but ive gotta leave

sorry im just running away

Just Sorry.

cal June 3, 2022 at 2:41 am

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