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Funny Poems for Boyfriend

 Funny boyfriend poems can be a good option to create an ambiance of laugh and happiness with your boyfriend. it is a healthy way of strengthening your bonding with your loved one. Do remember your funny and humorous incidents with your loved one and pen down your emotions to create more fun with romance to your boyfriend.

Funny boyfriend poems can be written on birthday cards and valentine cards to make your boyfriend smile and love you more for your great sense of humor. Find the best cute funny boyfriend poems down the line.


Cute Funny Poems for Boyfriend

  • There was a young lady named Constance, From boys she wouldn’t stand any nonsense. If her partners grew deftShe would lead with her left;The results would not weigh on her conscience
  • My sweetheart and I are just wed. Already I wish I were dead. Two weeks she’s been spending.It was time never ending.We are thousands of pounds in the red!I would give my whole life for you.I’d be the perfect wife for you.

    I would lie for you.

    Cry for you.

    Lay down and die for you.

    All my fears are for you.

    Every single tear is for you.

    Everything I say is for you.

    Every night I pray for you.

    Your always in my mind.

    Every day and night.

    Every minute you’ll find,

    I wanna hold onto you tight.

    Never wanting to let go.

    Just as long as you know,

    I love you so.

    I’ll protect you life or death.

    Protect you till’ I’m out of breath.

    Everything I do is for you,

    I’m on this earth for you.


Romantic Funny Poems for Boyfriend

  • Every day with you gives me a thrill;All my dreams you richly fulfill;I’m a fool for your charms;You belong in my arms;Love me; please say that you will.
  • You will always be mine, even if we are miles apart,You will always be mine, and occupy a huge part in my heart,You will always be mine, even if it makes me sad & blue,You will always be mine, well I mean, only if I keep loving u…Whenever you love, it’s too good to be true
  • Even so, it’s truer than you believe, Nor will you know till it vanishes again. Time is a sea which opens where you cleave Yet roils over what you leave behind.For now, my love sings in the stars,Or hisses against rocks like the sea,Unraveling your life when you pause to grieve,Returning with the sunlight, with the rain.
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