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Friendship Poems

Anais Nin once said, "Each buddy symbolizes a community in us, a community perhaps not created until they appear, and it is only by this getting together with that a new community is created."

Undoubtedly, friends are the world, and relationship is the biggest present of god. Friendship needs only believe and truthfulness. If you want to communicate your feelings to your buddy then adhere to your impulses and refer one of these friendship poems.If you want your true feelings get across to your best friends on this friendship day, then use these Friendship Poems and show your warm feeling to them.

Stay With Me
Take my side and adhere to me

to that position I extensive to be.
Take my side and believe in my way,
in that position for a extensive time remain.
Follow me toward the sand;
we'll run and perform, side in side.
Take my center and carry it true;
forever I'll remain near to you.
Seize my thoughts and pay attention well,
then for a extensive time I will tell.
Release your center and thoughts too,
just as I will do for you.
Trust your center and adhere to me,
to that position we extensive to be.

I have a Friend
I have a friend

Who is perfect for me
She listens to all my problems
No matter how dumb they may be
She likes herself for who she is
And never tries to change
She tells me to be myself
And that I should never change
She was shy on the phone
But she would still call
And we would talk for hours
About nothing at all
We would talk about love and life
And discuss what we wanted to be
She knew just how I felt
And how happy I could be
She listens to me patiently
But never judges what I do or say
She helped with all my problems
And never went away
I never once felt judged by her
How much that meant to me
That I could tell her all my dreams
And she would listen to me
My friend never goes and tells
What is dear to me
She keeps it all bottled up inside
And doesn't spread it like a bee
I am thankful for that friend of mine

Our friendship will never end
And she will always be there
For she is my best friend It is a sweet thing, friendship, a dear balm,
A happy and auspicious bird of calm

The Woman I Love


You think of things impossible, and I slip my hand in yours
We walk right beside the moon, it seems to follow us and we want to get lost.
There's a smile on your face as I surprise you with a tighter grip and then your warm arm around waist.
These winters have so much in store, like many others that went and many others waiting to unveil,
There's a way in front, wrapped by overgrown trees, we walk through that brown tunnel with no need of a light to guide us.

Many a days, there's this void that makes aware of itself. Without you, it grows.
Many songs, I wish to sing with you. For you. To you. In languages unknown, just for you to decipher.
Many people, tried to read and many attempted the letters that form us. Though they aren't able to, but they don't fail. We make sure that they don't.
Many nights, I have spent on my own and even a thought of them, petrifies me. Memories with your absence are like summers without color, and winters without warmth.
Many times, we fell, many times we crawled and dragged ourselves ashore. Many times we just stood there and laughed with the sunshine.

Grace, love, freedom and eternal strength we induce in each other.
Like the eyes feed the heart, you feed me with beauty and sense. I wish to be the same for you.
Years have simply washed themselves and left behind one thing. You. The one without this place makes no sense.
The one without I wish to disappear into darkness and alleys of sheer evil. And when I did once, you held me and ran through it with me.
No, its not perfect, nobody said it will be. But I have my woman beside me. And she makes it wonderful
Somehow. Anyhow.

Ode to Time


It feels so stoic,
It feels so tired, so worn out of hope…
But I keep stepping into it, I keep on picking pebbles and writing my name with them.
I grew out of the fairy tales, the white horse, the prince….
And the wait for true love…has also died.
I hold his hand, clench his wrist, feel him.
Smile at him, read to him the words that someone else wrote,
He holds me by the waist, kisses me…
I feel good, and in his eyes I search for what I always looked for. My love.
I see it faintly…I try to make it stronger, but it seems to be still.
I turn around…keep holding his hand. His fingers touching mine.
And that’s when I want my volatile heart to go still, and freeze in that moment.
In that small moment of purity and satisfaction.

In those days happiness was convenient and without a reason.
In those days we all looked at each other and broke into laughs of innocence.
In those we trusted fearlessly.
In those days we found our first loves.
We held each others hands and ran fearlessly into the unknown…
We came back with strength, we came back with tears.
And then we ran again.
But came a time when we ran different ways, some came back…some got lost.
But no one came out smiling.
And we stood there, watching our innocent mistakes taking our lives,
Pushing us into regrets…
Those days passed…we swam across that ocean, sat on the shore…tired, worn out.
Looking at things we lost, that weren't coming back. And all that was left.
We took what we had and jumped back in again…
Years have passed, we are still swimming…

Life and those days have passed,
The ocean dried…that innocence blurred.
His hand I still hold…his eyes I still stare.
And still sometimes I think of the times I laid stoned in his arms.
I look back in fear, regret and pleasure.
I look back in disappointment and pride, and the I smile.
How incurable human errors defined me,
How that man I always loathed, still manages to stay in my home.
How my eyes get so easily wet, how his music refuses to fade.
How he sees me.
And how easily after so many years, I still stand with that same pride I did when I looked into the ocean.

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