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Christmas Poems for Children

The tree, the Christmas carols, the pudding and cake are pretty much synonymous with Christmas. But there is also one aspect, that we seem to forget a lot Apart from all that lights and the food Christmas poems are also a very integral tradition of the season and sadly one that is almost forgotten. Imagine sitting around the fire listening to the rendition of ‘the night before Christmas’ and enjoying a good old fashioned get together with the family. Christmas poems and Christmas Rhymes tend to take you on a magical ride back to that one night in the manger. There are about a gazillion Christmas poems for kids and adults alike, scattered all over the web and we picked a few of the really good ones for you.

We know life can get a little hectic sometimes but I don’t think it’s a bad idea to spend a little time with the family. The best way to do that would be to gather your family around with a nice piping hot cup of cocoa, read them a Christmas poem and let their minds drift away all those years back in that stable near that manger, surrounded by the shepherds and the heralds of the angels.

Christmas Poems for Children

When it comes to Christmas poem there are no adults and no children so read on for some really good Christmas poems for children and adults alike.

Christmas Poems


  • Christmas came early for you and for me
    Christmas with no gifts to open
    Christmas without any yuletide tree
    Christmas with words of love spoken
    Christmas was walking to York hand in hand
    Christmas in awe at the Minster
    Christmas togetherness was just what we planned
    Christmas was chaffed legs and blisters
    Christmas was cups of tea served early morn
    Christmas was being together
    Christmas was loving from dusk until dawn
    Christmas remembered forever
    Christmas was driving through floods for the view
    Christmas ‘our planning’ was starting
    Christmas our Christmas meant so much to me
    Christmas our bitter sweet parting
  • Christmas isn’t about toys
    Christmas isn’t about money
    Christmas is about giving food to the needy
    Christmas is about loving your family
    Christmas is to get time to spend with your family
    What’s Christmas
    Christmas is about the holiday
    Christmas is about loving what you get
    Christmas isn’t about sending cards
    Christmas is about love 



  • This Christmas i am not alone
    This Christmas i have somebody to hold
    This Christmas doesn’t feel like last Christmas
    This Christmas is when I came alive
    Last Christmas I was sad
    Last Christmas I was lonely
    Last Christmas I had nobody to hold
    But then This Christmas came

    I was happy
    I was excited because I had somebody to hold
    This Christmas was better with you then without you.


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