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Best Good Luck Poems

Sowed by our unknown ancestors, Poetry is still cultivated by the modern culture as a beauty of our inner expression. Whether it is a Good Luck Poem, goodbye poem, romantic poem or a heart-breaking poem, poetry has always encouraged individuals to speak out their inner most passion and emotion. In other words poetry can be termed as that perennial river which seeks to continue with its flow irrespective of its hurdles.


In the same manner Poems for Good Luck are composed to wish someone bright future expressing the desire that the concerned person should achieve the zenith of success and happiness. This is in fact the best way to let your close one know your secret wishes for him/her. At the same time Goodbye Good Luck Poems can be presented while bidding farewell to your best buddy or to someone with whom you have shared plentiful of memorable moments.


Best Good Luck Poems


In order to enhance the magnificence of Poems for Good Luck, we present before you the Best Good Luck Poems composed by few beautiful souls.


Best Good Luck Poems


  • Good Luck to You
    May your life be filled with happiness and love,
    May you be showered with the goodness from above.
    May God bestow you with health and prosperity,
    May fate give you a lot of clarity.
    These are my prayers for you,
    And I hope God makes them all true.
  • Call For Victory
    It’s just a small good luck cheer,
    To reduce your tensions and fear,
    You will do well,
    Keep the faith alive,
    You will get everything that was deprived,
    Keep the right spirit and you will win,
    Keep that smiling face and don’t grin,
    You are the best,
    Better than the rest,
    Good luck to you!
  • Blessing of Good Luck
    May you be blessed with abundant fortune and luck,
    May there never come a time when you have to sulk.
    I wish everything always seems to work in your favor,
    I wish that you may fulfill all your aims and endeavours.
    And when on days you really don’t know what to do,
    May lady luck keep shinning up bright above you.
    Good luck to you.
  • Fight for Luck
    Good luck shines in the life of the brave,
    Always be strong, luck will become your slave.
    Don’t ever be let down by failure,
    Give life a tough fight like a warrior.
    Luck will come knocking at your door,
    And your whole life will begin to glow.
    Best of luck to you.
  • Good Luck
    Life is filled with ups and downs,
    But I pray you stick to your grounds.
    Never let hope give away,
    Or fears make your life fray.
    Good luck for good times ahead,
    And let happiness in your life spread.
  • Luck to Lead Life
    Believe in yourself and proceed with life,
    Stop thinking of it as a big strife.
    I pray God to throw in a bit of good luck,
    So the flowers of success you can pluck.
    May your dreams come true.
    Remember you are the best one man crew.
  • Have a Great Life
    When you really want something,
    You ought to swim distances.
    Don’t give up coz something’s not come easy,
    Life is often not so breezy.
    But hope and commitment will show you the way,
    And my good luck wishes are with you come what may.
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