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Tips To Say I Love You

Saying “I love you” is very romantic and special element for any relationship. It makes your relationship much more exciting and loving. Expression of love is very important and doing it in innovative ways is a great idea to put zeal in your relationship. Let your special one feel special with your gestures and creative ways of expression of love. Make your casual days pleasant for you and your special one.


51 Ways to Say I Love You

  • Stick love notes around the casual places
  • Write some poems which express your feelings
  • Send them flowers
  • Say I love you in other languages
  • Thank them for their support and love with flowers
  • Send a text message to someone special and say love yoy
  • Offer to give them a massage
  • Arrange it so at least once a week you do things together
  • Send a card or gift for no reason
  • Thank them for their support at low point of your life and appreciate them and their love.
  • Tell them “I couldn’t have done it without you!”
  • Give them breakfast in bed one day and insist they spend the whole day relaxing
  • Make an overnight or weekend trip away as a surprise for them
  • Ask them what they want to do today and make this a priority
  • Treat them with respect and really listen to their opinions
  • Give out spontaneous hugs
  • Hold hands when you go for walks
  • Give a kiss, caress, gentle touch when they least expect it
  • Help them in household chores when they look tired
  • Cook them a meal
  • Write a message on the bathroom mirror while they’re in the shower
  • Send them a card or write a love letter
  • Do some lovely things together
  • Encourage their dreams
  • Be there for them when they need you
  • Remember their birthday and other special anniversaries
  • Say nice things about them when they aren’t around to their known people
  • Give them a compass wrapped with ribbons with a message “You are my North, South, East and West.”
  • Dedicate a song to them on a local radio station
  • Place an advert in a local paper letting them know how much you care
  • Share a secret
  • Make up a special CD of love songs
  • Go out for a meal together
  • Give compliments when they are due
  • Listen to their worries and anxieties
  • Chose her favorite song and make her understand the meaning for two of you.
  • Plan a joint holiday
  • Be excited for them when they’re happy
  • Respect their love for their family
  • Watch the sunrise or sunset together
  • Laugh with each other but never at each other
  • Have fun together
  • Keep a photograph of them in your purse or wallet
  • Play games together
  • Send a card or an e-card
  • Tell them how proud you are to be with them
  • Hold each other when you fall asleep.
  • Just be together.
  • Sending romantic postcards on a daily basis
  • Draw or obtain a new romantic picture of two lovers in each other’s grasp and give it to your love as a reminder of your passion.
  • Get off work early and surprise your sweetheart with a dozen roses and dinner, just because.You love her
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