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Voodoo Love Spells

The ancient Voodoo art is an integral part of the shamanistic tradition of Africa. The voodoo spells are based on the belief that performing a ritual act for an aspiration will fulfil that desire in the real world. The voodoo spells gained popularity all over the world during the colonial era.  Although initially the voodoo spells were the forte of the priests and priestesses but there are certain simple voodoo spells which can be performed by anyone. But even these simplest of the voodoo love spells are immensely powerful.

But before casting the voodoo love spell on anyone you should make sure that you are actually in love with that person and it is not just infatuation. As the voodoo love spells are oaths to the ethereal energy patterns or spirits which binds two souls together. You must ensure that you want to live with that person forever as the voodoo spells produce powerful love energy.

Voodoo Love Spells

Valentine Carnival has compiled a list of some simple voodoo love spells that work. Pick the love spell that suits you the most and heal all your sorrows and pains and attract love and happiness in your life.

Effective Voodoo Love Spells

  • Anointing Voodoo Oil, a spell to make him want you
    If you want to make your partner go mad for you then you can try this voodoo love spell on your partner. Take the household bottle of oil and fill its plastic cap with the oil, then put your eyelashes in the oil overnight and then insist your partner to put his index finger in the oil for a minute. If he asks any questions to you about this you can make him fool by saying that you are just counting his pulse as that is the sign of machismo. After that hold his wrist like we hold while counting pulse then put his same index finger on your lips and apply that oil on your lips from his finger like a lipstick. Finally kiss him with passion and then you will realize the change in him. He will want to kiss you more and more and will take you as his soul mate.
  • The Candlewax Cover, a spell to attract him to you
    The priests used to do it on banana leaf but paper also can serve the same purpose for this voodoo love spell. The voodoo considers No.4 as lucky and so you must write down your partner’s name 4 times on the left side of the paper and write your name on the right side for 4 times. Then light up the purple candle and pour four drops of wax on his side then fold the paper in a way that your name touches with his and is  sealed with the wax. Purple color is a combination of red and blue. Red is the color of human blood and on the other side blue is the color of eternity and the sky.  Place this paper inside a shallow disposable pan and fill it till the water covers the paper. Place the red candle on engrossed paper and light it, as the wax melt he will melt in your arms ever and forever.
  • The Voodoo Doll, a spell to bring back a lover
    To cast this one of the most powerful voodoo spell, you need your lover’s hair and one of his unwashed tee- shirts. Now make a human form of your lover with the belongings you have acquired. Glue the hair on the head of the doll and dress the doll with little swatches of his clothes corresponding to where he wears them. Remember that the more the accuracy in making the doll the more effective the voodoo love spell is. The doll will control his physical form and will prevent him from entering into any kind of physical intimacy with any other person. Now pin this voodoo doll on the other side of your bed where his pillow goes. The stereotype that sticking pins in the voodoo doll causes pain to the person represented is incorrect. At bed time talk to the doll as you will talk to your man. And your man will hear your desires psychically and will yearn to return to you. Your sweet conversation with the doll is the most inspiring part of this voodoo love spell.
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