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Tips To Confess Your Love To Someone

We all know what love is, but find it hard to describe this beautiful feeling in words. Likewise, when you experience this enigmatic phase of your life, tips to confess your love to someone helps you immensely in expressing your deepest emotions. But the most interesting or you could say enthralling part of being in love is that you just cannot hide it. If you are feeling strong for someone, it shows up in your expressions, as they say face mirrors out your heart desires. Now, you must be thinking that if your feelings and emotions are reflected so easily, then what is the need to declare? Well, you need to confess your love for someone because you cannot pent-up your desires in your heart. You have to take a step further so that if the other person feels the same for you, you two can start with a romantic relationship in time.

However, it is not that easy to pour your heart out. If you are really in love, you feel the butterflies, which come as a gift with great cupid’s arrow humming various thoughts in your heart and mind. You think something and you speak everything, except what is required. This is where how to confess your feelings and love for someone needs a tough thinking as you really don’t know to put the impression right. But like every problem has a solution, different interesting ways on how to confess your love can surely make your desires successful.

Tips To Confess Your Love To Someone

Have a look at our most successful ways and tips to confess your love to someone and know the right expression of your precious love. Our 12 best tips on how to confess your love and feelings will make you put the right impression.

12 Best Tips To Confess Your Love To Someone


  • Be sure about your feelings- Before popping up the question or confessing your love for someone it is very important to be sure about what exactly you feel for her. Are you just attracted or you really love her. You have to first decide and then make a confession. This will help you to take the right decision in the right way. Once you are sure about your love, you need not worry much.
  • Is she the one- Yes, you have to ask this question to yourself at least 100 times before you plan to declare your love. Your love is precious and you would not like it to lead a wrong direction. Take your time and think is she the one for you. If you’re the answer within is yes, then you have all chances of deserving her. Remember you both need not be alike, but must be compatible enough.
  • Choose the right day- When you are all set to express your love to your dream valentine, one of the best tips to confess your feelings is to choose the perfect day. Don’t choose the time when you know that she will be busy or had a bad day at work as this way even if she wants to, she would not be able to react desirably. So you can choose special days, like Valentine’s Day or birthdays to confess your love for someone. If you see any romantic moment, you need not wait for anything and just sing out your heart.
  • Create that ambiance- So finally you are meeting up for that much-awaited revelation. Well you have to do everything right and the most important to keep in mind while confessing your love is to create a right ambience. Your love is special, so your confession place just cannot be an ordinary one. You need to make it mesmerising by choosing a private place and clubbing it with all his/her favourite stuff. You have to decide that whether she likes a calm surrounding or a one with music.
  • Prepare well- How to confess your love for someone can never be a problem if you prepare yourself well. You have to decide that in which sequence you are going to present things and when will you finally express your love to him/her. You must think what all will you say and things that you will definitely reveal to add that special touch.
  • Be confident- Unless you are confident, you will not be able to confess your feelings and love in the desirable way. Just imagine, would your dream valentine accept your proposal if you are not able to say it all confidently.
  • Be cheerful- It does not matter if you are amongst the serious guys or those with a humour; you need to carry a cheerful attitude to make your dream valentine feel happy. You are going to make a love confession and this is a happy occasion, so be happy and make him/her enjoy your company.
  • Believe yourself, your feelings and your desires- You love a person and to make him/her believe in your love, you need to first have a firm belief in your feelings and desires. You need to make it clear in your soul that no matter whatever the future holds, you love the person and you just want to be with him/her.
  • Do your best- It’s up to you that whether you want to make the moment memorable or not. If yes, then think of some creative and interesting ways to confess your love and let your special one realise what all he/she means to you. One of the most successful tips to confess your love for someone is to choose different ways to express your feelings. You can create adoring memorise by confessing your love through poems, lovely present, personalised gift or plan an exclusive dinner for you two.
  • Speak frankly- You are about to express your inmost and valuable emotions, don’t hesitate a bit. Speak frankly about your feelings and love to make things more clear to be understood by the other person. Don’t beat around the bush and say straight to put your impression right. But do remember not be a loud mouth as this might turn his/her mood off.
  • Think positive- After all your efforts and will, if the answer is still ‘no’, then you should not feel bad and think positive. Though you have made a confession, you must not pressurize him/her to accept you. It is no compulsion that your dream valentine has to feel same for you. Instead you must feel optimistic and think that there might be someone who can love you more.
  • Patience- However, if he/she asks for some time to think, you should have patience and give your special one some time to reconsider your confession and make the right decision. It shows that you are mature to fall in love and most importantly be in love forever.

So, now don’t think more about that scorching ‘no’ take a deep breath and follow these 12 ways to confess your feelings for your dream valentine.

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