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Signs of Falling in Love

Love is one such experience which definitely needs a lot of scrutiny and explaining. For this we need to know the exact symptoms of love. There are times when your heart melts or you experience the butterfly effect or the world around you stops when you come across a certain person. You think that you are in love, but after a few days your interest starts to diminish in that person and the magical effects fade. That is when you feel that it was not love but rather attraction. There are many such confusing moments in life when you think you are in love, only to realise after a while that it was a false alarm!

The symptoms of love help you in knowing your inner self better and help you interpret yourself in an enlightened way. Moreover, the process of how to know if you are in love can assist you in discovering or getting familiarised with certain aspects of your personality which were dwelling in the dark. When a person is in love or experiencing a not so common emotion, he or she tends to behave differently. But it is often difficult to pin point the true sentiments that are triggering that emotion. The symptoms of love can help you in getting a crystal clear idea about all such feelings.

Signs of Falling in Love

The enlisted symptoms of love will help you in determining the true nature of your emotions and state of mind. Go ahead and clear the air of the uncertainty to make a well informed move based on your sentiments.

True Signs of Falling in Love

  • When that someone means a lot more to you- one of the most prominent symptoms of love is when you think that a person is very dear to you. You feel that if you are separated from him or her, your life will come to a halt.
  • You feel your love interest is flawless- if you unable to find any negative points in the ‘object’ of your affection, take it for sure that you are in love. As they say love is blind. It is for sure. You think that the person whose presence makes your heart race is perfect in every aspect be it physical attributes or other abilities and skills.
  • It is not just about physical intimacy- this one is a sure shot symptom of love. When the point of stimulation is located in the chest rather than the lower body, you are up for a romantic ride. If you feel that your interest in the person goes beyond just getting a chance to lay hands on him or her. It clearly states that you have fallen for that special someone.
  • Psychological and emotional change- another one of the symptoms of love is an unconscious change in the behaviour and body processes. The feelings of love affect the person in the same way as a drug affects the mind. This is what the science has discovered about love. It activates your mind, energise the individual and can make you feel euphoric as well. When you are in love with someone you tend to lose your appetite and sleep. You may also feel anxiety and exhilaration at the same time. Similarly, the minute thought of losing the object of your love shakes you and generates a feeling of despair.
  • Obsession- the initial stage of falling in love with someone makes you obsessive about the person. A large chunk of your time is spent in day dreaming about the person or just visualising him or her. This observation is not just based on a general observation but has got the backing of the science as well. It is caused by the decrease of the levels of serotonin in the brain. It is a chemical associated with obsessive behaviour.
  • Future planning- if you have already started thinking of having kids with your new found love or planning trips together after retirement. You are surely going haywire in love. This symptom of love leaves no room for speculations as it is not an easy task to imagine your life with someone. There are instances of couples who have spent years together and still are sceptical of dedicating their whole life to their partner.
  • His or her taste finds a place in your dressing style- ‘will he or she like this outfit?’ do you often find yourself pondering over this question when you have to get ready to meet your love interest. A person pays special appearance to their physical appearance when in love.
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