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Symbols of Love

Love is a feeling which needs expression more often than others. The best way of expressing it is through symbols of love. A symbol of love speaks a lot more than words (especially in the times of conflicts!). While there can be customised symbols of love in your relationship like the things he/she has gifted you. But there are certain symbols of love which have evolved over time. And still have a place in all the love stories, despite the competition from the hi-tech gadgets and apps.

These symbols of love are said to create positive energy into our lives and are an indication of universal existence of love. It is also believed that sometimes nature gives us a sign when true love is to strike in our life through these symbols. Magical tricks and certain rituals also revolve around some of these symbols of love.

Symbols of Love

All of us have an idea about the things that symbolise love. But it is very important to know what exactly a symbol of love means, because you don’t want to give a wrong sign to your loved ones, even with the digital versions! For this reason, these symbols have to be chosen carefully while gifting them to someone.

Love Symbols and Their Meaning


  • Heart- Graphically represented in the shape of an inverted triangle, the heart symbolises love and purity. It conveys the happiness of your heart to have him/her. It is the most commonly and widely accepted symbol of love. The Roman Catholics interpret it as God’s symbol of love thus denoting truth and charity. It is believed that the veins of heart are directly connected with the ring finger of the left hand.
  • Cupid- In Greek, ‘Cupid’ means desire. As per Brahma Sutra, cupid resides in homes where true love flourishes. He is believed to be the angel who strikes love into our hearts. It is a perfect gift if you want someone to pick that hint.
  • Red Rose- Roses come in approximately 70 different colors, each conveying a different emotion. But it is the red rose which is considered the symbol of love. It represents beauty, passion, peace and forgiveness. The ancient Greeks considered it a symbol of eternal life as well. It also represents a will to take blood or fight in self-defence.
  • Apple- An apple a day keeps the doctor away and brings your love mate closer (not just because you are healthy!). This symbol of love has a special place in Greek mythology. It represents ecstasy, delight and abundance of love and faith. Apple, when split, invokes an image of vulva, symbolising female fertility and beauty.
  • Harp- The harp has its place in many myths. In Scandinavian countries, its strings symbolises a ladder leading to higher states of love and eventually to the paradise. King David played the harp to express his love and devotion to God. It is also said to represent a bridge of love between earth and heaven. According to a legend, the harp can create only three types of music- joyful, peaceful and sad. It is also associated with art and poetry.
  • Swan- The symbol of love, chastity, purity and elegance is perceived as an attribute of Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of love. The graceful bird is also associated with the god Zeus, who transformed himself into a swan to seduce Leda. The Celtic tradition considered swan a symbol of love, sincerity and soul. The beautiful creature is also believed to be another symbol of Virgin Mary.
  • Ladybug- or the lucky bug also controls your love life, apart from pests! As per an Asian myth the bug, if caught and released, will fly to your true mate and bring him to you, soon. The number of spots on the back of the bug is an indication of months to pass before love strikes you.
  • Maple Leaf- This symbol is very popular in China and Japan. It is a depiction of sweetness and magic of love in day to day life, presumed to be an emblem of love. The North Americans believed that the maple leaf boosts physical pleasures and peaceful sleep if placed at the foot of the bed.
  • Horse- One of the Chinese zodiac symbol, the horse is often considered an ambassador of practicality, love and fertility. According to a Mesopotamian legend the horse is believed to bring sun to the horizon and thus is believed to bring with it warmth and life bearing light.
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