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Teenage Love Spells

Teenagers have their real glow and attraction to the opposite gender but they are not enough mature to carry their relation for life time and do break up at short intervals of time.  Teenagers don’t have much patience with them and get attracted and influenced with the opposite gender so fast. Teenagers don’t have strength to accept the rejection and move on, they get attracted and infatuated with other and take it as real love of their life.

Teenagers are scared of shattering and chose witchcraft and teenage love spells over Christianity as it gives them result very soon. Teenagers are keen to get result very soon and for it they are not limited to their love relations only, they perform spells for their exams and predicting their future and communicating with spirits. They are curious to know more about Wicca ad its power, so they are performing it by doing researches and reading books on it.

There are many options to do a spell with candles, apples and papers.  A very famous teen love spell is an apple spell which is sure to bind your lover’s heart to you. The famous love charm of apple is “Apple of love, leaf of tree, find him, and bind him, now to me”. Other than apple, candle plays a vital role in teen love spells as candles are mostly used by witches to do the magic and light up the illusion into the reality. From the popular love spell, the easiest and effective love spell is Perfect soul mate spell and below is the process of complete love spell.

This love spell will help you to get the desired partner of your life and the perfect one as well. So, it is always suggested to not to think about the particular person as their personal will and interest will be jeopardy and that’s not a good idea to get the deserving partner. Just relax your mind and think about the qualities you want in your mate but not about any individual.

Things Required for Teenage Love Spells

  • Two candles- one white, one in your favorite color
  • Two candle holders
  • A rose color altar cloth
  • A piece of red chalk

This spell can be done at any time but it is preferable to do it at night or evening.  Be in a peace and relaxed by your mind and then while sitting on the altar, hold the colored candle of your favorite color and speak out all the qualities and energies you are willing to put in your relationship as the colored candle represents you and then exchange the colored with the white candle which represents your desired partner and you need to speak out all the qualities and characteristics you wish to have in your soul mate. Then ask the Aphrodite to bring you both close for life time.

After that place both the candles on candle holder and place them in opposite corners of altar then draw a big heart in between the candles on the altar with the red chalk.  From the new moon to full moon do meditation regularly in the front of altar and start putting the candles close to each other by a single inch on every single day. Finally the day the two candles meet, draw two hearts around the first one and ask for the positive energies by singing your favorite love song and charge the candles.

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