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Real Love Spell

Real love spells can be performed by the professionals or by the concerned persons as well. Real love spells are performed to attract your love partner and start a healthy relationship with him or her. People face many problems and setbacks in their journey to find a true match; which are hard to solve at the individual level. As a result, real love spells make it easy for them to find the ways to save the relation. The real love spells can also help you to bring back a lost love and find your ideal match.

If you are waiting to hear those three special words then this is the time to make your dreams come true. Real love spells are a sure way to bring the real love of your life in front of you and embrace the magic of a happy love life.  Real love spells are not hard to perform and start showing their effect in no time. You can learn to perform some simple but real love spells by your own.

Real Love Spell

We have enlisted some easy and effective love spells for you in the next section. It is recommended that you cast these real love spells on a Friday, as Venus, the planet of love and romance, rules this day.

Things Required for Performing Real Love Spell


  • Be relaxed and happy when you are planning to perform this real love spell and think about your love partner whom you want in your love life. You will require:One piece of Rose Quartz Crystal
    One red rose
    One red Apple
    One green candle
    One pink candle
    One oil burner and rose essential oil

Light the oil burner and the pink and green candles. Put your red rose and apple in front of the burning candles and hold the rose quartz crystal in your hand as you stare into the candle flame and then repeat the Angel Invocation given below:-

Archangel Anael I invoke thee on this Venus eve
To grant me my wish
I ask for love eternal and true
May the flame of the candle
The fragrance of the Rose
Carry it afar
And grant me my heart’s desire
So Mote It Be

After the invocation, say thanks to Anael Angel for her help then let the candles burn and eat the apple and save the seeds. Place the rose, the apple seeds, and the rose quartz crystal on a window ledge where they will attract the magic of the moon. The following morning as soon as you wake up, plant the apple seeds in a pot with suitable growing medium.

As the seeds start to grow, love will come into your life and will treat you in the same caring and loving way as you treat the seeds. Keep the rose in a vase and when it wilts, dry the petals and keep them in a special place along with your rose quartz as a keepsake of your love spell.

  • This spell will help you to find your true mate. To cast this real love spell you will need:
    Your hair and an eyelash
    Clean Water
    A leaf
    Two pieces of quartz

Now put all these things in a container preferably the one which is there in your family for generations or a handcrafted one. After that write all the qualities you desire in your true mate on a plain white paper without lines. When you are done with the writing, burn this paper and put the ashes in the mentioned container along with the other things. You must keep the utensil for at least 6 months in your bedroom. Within some time your preferred match will walk into your life and you will realise that this spell really works!

  • This real love spell will help you to bring back your lost love. The requisites for this easy spell are:6 candles, two of them of pink color and 4 of red, blue, green, yellow each.

Then draw a small circle on the floor of your bedroom and mark the four directions accurately on it as per your location. Place the green candle on the point marked in the northern direction, red one in the southern point, yellow candle in the east and blue one in the western corner. Now light all the candles and hold both the pink ones in your hand and recite the following incantation: “Beautiful Goddess, powerful God, hear my prayer! Lords of fire, burn my desire, times three. If it is meant to be, bring (insert name of the person) back to me.”
This love spell has been tried and verified by many as to be effective.

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