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Love Spells that Works

“All is fair in love and war”, a very common if not overused phrase. At the moment let’s concentrate on the Love part. When you know you love someone and know it in your heart that he/she is definitely the elusive ‘one’, time is of the essence. And it usually happens that at precisely that particular point cupid decides to take his annual coffee break. Times like these when there are no more options and time is not a luxury you have its time to take a page from harry potters book (not literally) and take a mystical approach to things. It is time to caste some Love Spells that work.

Love Spells are quite simple to cast and if done right and with the right intentions can have some pretty potent effects. Most of them take very few if any preparations and give out pretty fast results. Before you go further you must be absolutely sure about your intentions and about the person you are going to caste the spell on. There are numerous love spells to get numerous results; we have listed some of them down for you to try out on you own. They’re quite simple ones and need very little or no preparations at all.

Love Spells that Works

So pick up your gear and light your candles and keep reading for some actual Love spells that work.

Love Spells

  • This spell is meant to invoke just some feelings of infatuation in your subject and requires absolutely no physical preparations at all, but you need to keep in mind certain things. First, this spell must be invoked only on a night with a half moon and must be cast outside facing the moon. While chanting the spell you need to picture lots of pink things in your mind.Not too much
    Not too little
    Maybe somewhere in the middle
    This love I seek
    Won’t be worth mention
    Without a little intervention
    I beg the moon
    I beg the Earth
    To let me show my love’s full worth
    To whom I want
    To whom I need
    I hope this spell to me (he/she) needs
    This spell will only invoke a spark and it is up to you to tend to that spark. Be careful though, the spell is not very flexible and doing it wrong might mean trouble.
  • This spell is meant for winning someone’s love and needs a little preparationIngredients:
    Two red candles
    One gold candle
    Olive oil
    A piece of white cloth
    This spell must be performed during a full moon. First, take the candles and rub them in the olive oil, first from middle to the bottom then middle to top. Second, light the candles and place them with the gold candle in the middle and the red candles on either side of the gold one. Now picture the one whose love you want to win and picture pulling them towards you. as you picture this you must chant:
    Here is (person’s name). This candle is him/her
    This flame burns, as his/her spirit burns
    I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine.Don’t blow of the candle but let them burn fully, when they’re fully burnt place them in a white cloth and put them in a magical place.
  • This spell is meant to invoke total feelings of love in a person, and doesn’t need any physical preparations. This is quite and effective spell and must be used with extreme caution. This spell must be caste during a Half or quarter moon depending on how strong you want the spell to be. The phase of the moon is crucial. I would suggest you aim for a weaker effect and then build up from there. While chanting the spell you need to picture, hearts, chain links, hands held, embrace, softness, love and warmth. It can be caste both indoors and outdoors with a clear unbroken view of the moon. You must not let anyone know what you’re doing or you risk neutralising the spell or worse, reversing the effect.Magic moon
    Quarter bright
    Give me what I ask tonight
    A little love
    Is all I need
    I can do the rest indeed
    Create no zombies; Make no trouble
    I just need help to solve this puzzle
    The one I love, (s)he needs a nudge
    Into my arms, where (s)he can’t budge
    And there (s)he will forever stay
    For all of our remaining days
    Though these spells are effective it is always best to let things run their course. Take your time to know the person and let them fall in love with you, after all Love is a whole different brand of magic in itself.
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