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Easy Love Spells

Love is a divine experience and the most complicated emotion too. There is nothing more beautiful and graceful then having your true love with you. On the other hand, the pain of loneliness is simply unbearable and torturing. In such situations only love spells are the best solution, it is the only way which can help you bring the love of your life to you.  Easy Love spells can assist you in controlling the relationships and giving it a desirable direction. The easy love spells not just confine to getting love. You can use easy love spell to make relationship more strong. Easy Love spells are also used to take revenge from your ex or end up a relation.

The basic function of the love spell is to manipulate the person and control their feelings through some charm and other ways which are in practice since the ancient time.  Even in this modern age, people do favour and believe in love spell and are still using the same techniques from ancient period to influence the feelings, attract a person towards you and make them follow you. But one must remember that love spell can give you the person whom you like but the emotions displayed by that person towards you are a result of your simple love spell. It will quench your obsession but will not get you the person who actually loves you.  It is always suggested to use the easy love spells on the person you deserve and not the one who is just your obsession or liking.

Easy Love Spells

There are many love spells to be used in many different situations like for attraction and securing someone’s faith and trust or to get the right and desired person of your life with certain qualities and characteristics. Have a look at the next section to know some easy love spells that suits your requirements.

Simple Love Spells


  • This simple love spell is used to get a person with the qualities and characteristics you desire in an individual. It is something in which you are sure to get the results in a very short period of time. The best time to do this love spell is Friday Night with Full Moon in the sky.
    1 sheet of lined paper
    1 Red pen or marker
    1 letter envelope
    your favourite perfume
    your favourite shade of red lipstick
    a few Pink or Red flower petals

Pen down all the qualities and characteristics you want in your partner on a sheet with a pen and then spray that paper with your favourite perfume, fold the paper and put it into the envelop and then visualize yourself with your desired partner while holding rose petals in your right hand and close your eyes and think of a perfect future with him. Then drop those petals in envelop and later on seal it with your kiss after applying the red lipstick on your lips. And finally place the envelope in a safe place from where it can never be opened by anyone not even by you.

  • This love spell will help you bring your mate close to you. If you have just started dating and you think that it is not going anywhere this simple love spell will surely be of great help to you. To perform this spell you will need:
    an unwashed tee shirt or socks of your boyfriend or girlfriend
    4 crystals of red, blue, pink and emerald green colour each
    His or her favourite fragrance
    A ring of yours
    A scented candle

Now to make this easy love spell work, you have to light up the candle in your room, make sure that the light of the candle is the only source of illumination in the room. Now put the crystals on your beloved partner’s piece of clothing in the shape of a quadrilateral, the red should point to the north, the blue one has to be placed in the south direction, the pink crystal should represent the east and the green coloured crystal should point to the west direction. Now place the ring in the middle of the four crystals and spray his or her perfume on all the four crystals and the ring. After that you should whisper all that you demand from your relationship and all that you wish to change about your lover five times. And then fold the piece of clothing of your mate with all the four crystals and the ring inside it. Keep this in your wardrobe for the next 3 months and you will see the change in your beloved partner.

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