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Signs Your Ex Still Loves You

Love is indeed an enigma, the undying paradox. You never know when you rise in love and fall. Even rocket science couldn’t help. It is so unpredictable that at one moment you will be dancing and counting stars, on the other day you will be in all dark. Sometimes you don’t even know who is knocking on the doors again- ‘Love-Angel’ or the ‘Love-Demon’, you should be greeting it or keep on guessing.  Making a standpoint, we have observed and surveyed many signs and signals to know an ex-love of yours want to make a re-visit or not. Go through these signs to tell your ex still loves you or does s/he wants you back after break-up.

Putting love into definite words and giving it an exact science is an act of negligence. Love is capricious as well as eternal.  The staples of heart are never so easy! But loveologist says if your love is gone- it was never yours, if it comes back then it is an eternal bliss. But how to know, if she/he really wants you back and needs you again, even after a heart-throbbing break.  Let’s make things simpler with some signs given by experts after analysing the behaviour of a lovers who aren’t over with their ex and want them back.


Sure-Shot Signs To Tell Your Ex Still Loves You

  • Calling, Messaging Or Texting You 

It is a very obvious and easy to predict sign to tell if he wants you back. If he is keeping in contact with you by calling you or texting you it surely means that something is already cooking in their mind. Take note of every single thing they are doing towards you.

  • Keeping  An Eye On You

You are avoiding him/her and while doing so, you find them keeping a check on you, may be stalking you secretly. In crowds you catch him/her looking at you. And s/he meets you coincidently that too many a times.  If you notice them “being around” more than three times then that is a definite pattern to get you back again.

  • Getting A Reaction?

Give a jerk to your observing skills, observe your ex in a way that they don’t came to know about it. The way, they look at you speaks a lot. What’s their first reaction is, make a note? Do the face readings- their face brightens up with just a glimpse of yours? You catch them sneaking at you? When they make an eye contact, they look differently? If yes then for sure s/he is up to something.

  • Keep In Touch With Friends & Family?

Those who want to get back to their old relationships definitely won’t break the on-going contact with your friends and family. If they are really desperate to get you back, then they will start extracting information from them indirectly.

  • A Touch Says It All

If you two are in talking terms and sometimes meet in a friends circle or somewhere. Your ex won’t leave any chance of making some kind of physical contact like touching your hand, arm, leg or knee – that is a really good sign to tell s/he still loves after break-up.

  • Avoid Dating Anyone Else- Dating Dilemma

The time your ex is struggling hard to get you, you can see the dating dilemma they go through. While observing the above signs in him/her, they will not be dating anyone else. If you see, they have chance to date any of their friends but aren’t dating, it surely means that they are not over with you and still want to be with you.

  • The Missing Signs

Your ex will definitely share his/her gloomy attitude to all his near and dear ones, as he is not happy – not being with you. You can check out it in their sad tones and ‘missing someone’ status on the social networking sites. You can easily judge it from their attitude.

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